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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Happy New Year everyone!
Gong Xi Fa Cai...Ang Pow na lai!

~Hmm...feels as if it ain't CNY... there's no reunion dinner. Usually back in M'sia...I'd just pig out! OOh... those Curry Prawns...chicken...and i can almost smell my mum's scrumptious cookies! She's one of the best bakers i know! MAN...her cornflake cookies melt in your mouth!! I miss my family too...but oh well... It ain't so bad here. Just had a steamboat dinner at Irene's sister's! Man did I stuff myself! Haha..'re-united' with Irene, Juliet, Seh Guan and Ying Ying...hee hee!

Had 2 seminars today. Tort was fine...but IPG was a real b*tch! We were meant to work in groups of 3 or 2...but i was sitting alone and i tried to contribute into this group...but they didn't acknowledge my ended up working alone... *siGh*... that really sucked!'s kinda difficult as an international student. I wonder why...but i dont think all of them are like that...i sooooo love my housemates! He he! So glad I met them!! They're awesome people in their own ways!

Since I'm on the topic of friends...I am glad to have met people whom I can confide in anytime! I do think about these special people who have ALWAYS been there for me unconditionally and accepted me! You guys know who you are and I love you! *HugZ* I wonder how I'd get by if I didn't have any friends...especially in a foreign country! I do actually count myself lucky... :)

Haha...actually I've been quite proud of myself...set 7 New Year Resolutions and SO FAR...have managed to keep to 5!! The only ones i haven't been successful is resolution #4 (Reduce calorie intake) and resolution #5 (reduce amount of money spent on luxuries)...Damn! Hee Hee! Oh well...HOPEFULLY...I'll stick to these 5 resolutions!~

Soul Nation next FridaY! (WEEK 14)


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