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Sunday, January 25, 2004

LONG Trip to Coventry

Woo Hoo!! Saturday! So...decided to go to Coventry with Hiza and Krystle right around 2pm... Then...went to Costcutters to get some've never seen a slower, more inefficient cashier in my life!It was as if he had no more strength and was using the last of it to scan the bar code! Then met up with Hiza and Krystle outside Costcutters...then we saw BUS NUMBER 12! We didn't wanna wait for the next bus...and so...we bought a day saver each! So we sat...and it never occured to us that if the driver was headed for Kenilworth then Leamington that it would not head for Coventry! We did wonder why the bus ride to Coventry was soooooooo long. Then at some stop at Leamington...a girl who was about the board the bus asked whether it was going to Coventry and the bus driver said no...and the three of us were like oh shit!! Then Krystle went to ask whether it was headed for Coventry in its next route...and the bus driver said that we would have to pay for another yeah...luckily we bought a Day Saver. least we got to look around Warwickshire and we made FULL use of our ticket. The driver made a stop at Uni again and after that we were very apprehensive...kept making sure that we were headed for COVENTRY and NOT LEAMINGTON!

Reached Coventry around 4! least we reached it! Then did a bit of shopping...bought a Calvin and Hobbes comic for 3 quid which is really cheaP! After that...we went to Hiza's cousin's (Naomi) in Coventry for dinner. It was sooooooo good...had tom yam soup...Yum Yum followed by Yati's tiramisu! Mmmm....It was a VERY filling dinner!! And it was cool coz i got to watch TV and Ferhat was telling us his stories and why he hates the MAS Cabin Crew....Hee hEe!

After that we went to Skydome to watch 'Lost in Translation' and Ferhat treated us to Haagen-Daaz Ice cream...yum yum!!! Had a Vanilla Brownie ice cream and knicked some of his strawberry cheesecake...mmmmm... then went to watch LOST in TRANSLATION! Never ever watch and Ferhat were nudging each's so boring and i was dozing off! It's about this celebrity who's going thru a mid life crisis and goes to Tokyo for some business and he meets this young girl who's confused about life and kinda having a strained marriage...well...didnt appeal to me...

Then when I finally get back to my house...Rob tells me that there's NO hot am I going to take my shower??? It'll be soooooooooooo cold.....and man is it going to be a LONG cold nite coz the radiators are down as well! Oh well...mite as well just go to bed!


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