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Thursday, January 29, 2004


Woke up late as usual today!! My sleeping cycle is totally messed up! Can't wait for the weekend to arrive!! Then went to Tesco with Irene...we went to buy stuff for the 'wau' (a traditional Malay kite). While I was looking for a present...received a pleasant, unexpected call from Shaun! Hee was nice talking to him... it's really nice catching up with old classmates! Then while I was having lunch, it was snowing!! Irene was complaining about the snow...and we walked back in the snow! I absolutely love snow!! And then when I got back gome...i started a snowball fight! Hee was fun!! And Ben was fascinated by my fascination of snow! Hee was soooo much fun playing in the snow! And i took heaps of photos as well!!!!!! Everything's so pretty when it snows!!

Hiza and me


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