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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


I can't sleep.My mum just e-mailed me and my dad and her keep asking whether I go to church. They worry that if I don't maintain a relationship with this higher being called "God'...I am nothing. dad holds a high position in the church and as his offspring...I am a reflection of his name. This infuriates me. I'm so choked...I can't make my own decisions and I do not have the freedom to choosewhat I believe in. I have to believe in this higher being called 'God' because it is ultimately what THEY believe in.

If i don't believe and practice what the Bible says...they will have failed as parents to bring me up as a will reflect upon their parental skills. But think about it this way, where does my CHOICE of belief enter? I'm not rebellious...believe have no idea how crap I feel when I am made to think that my parents who love me so much and have sacrificed so much will be thought as failures just because their daughter (who's old enough to make her decisions) does not believe in the same things that they do. I feel terrible and worthless as a daughter...but I feel that following a religion rigidly and blindly is just as bad as analysing it and reaching the conclusion that it may not be suitable for you. At least, you would understand why that particular belief doesn't suit you. As parents, they cannot be making decisions for you throughout your life...neither should they expect you to follow it blindly or just because they did it. People make different choices in life and the outcome may not always be bad. As a human being, you should be entitled to some sort of freedom. I believe that there is an existence of a higher being but this existence is beyond that of human comprehension. I believe that we were put on this Earth to make the BEST out of our lives... I feel that sometimes...people can be too rigid towards their faith and they forget to apply the true meaning of religion to their lives because they are engrossed in enforcing that their faith is the 'correct one'. Don't get me wrong, I do think that it is necessary for people to believe and be convinced by what their faith says...but not to the extent of causing disagreements or worse, even war. In the past, religion has been used as a LAME excuse!

As for me, I believe that in such a world of different cultures, and different people, diversity of beliefs are inevitable. Values vary from place to place. What may regarded as good by one person may be regarded as offensive by another. With such diversity in interests, various groups formed to suit different beliefs and interests will emerge. Life can never be objective...humans were born to be subjective. If we were objective, how are we to form opinions about things in general...take for example the most basic thing, colours. Someone may like blue whereas someone else might like pink and dislike blue. This is an example of subjectivity. It's not something that can be proven objectively can it? Human consciousness is one of subjectivity. There is no way that one can objectify his/her thoughts or feelings.

I've been today's society where more diversities sprout...the need for tolerance and respect for one another is crucial. Yes, opinions are inevitable and disagreements are bound to arise BUT that doesn't mean that you will have to conform to one another's belief but rather just understand that there are people different from you who think and behave differently. Just accept them for who they one's perfect...we all have flaws. Imagine...would it be possible to homogenize people's beliefs? I'm very sure that without diversity...the world would be a boring person. We would all be machines churning out the same things. There would be no opinions... For me, I would have to say that coming to Britain was an interesting experience...different culture...different food...different people...different customs. Imagine if everything was the same...there would be no culture. Culture...another subjective matter!

Ok...i'm starting to digress now and I should go to bed and stop thinking! I need SLEEP!


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