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Thursday, January 29, 2004

To tell or not to tell??

I just got off the phone with Aggie! We wouldn't have stopped talking if it wasn't for the voice, "The credit on your account is low" and we both heard it and so we had to hang up! :( We were talking for over two hours!! haha...We were reminiscing about the good ol PL-1 days...and after that when we were the only ones left with nothing to do. And how we always went to KLCC coz Pyramid was too far! Hee Hee...and then we were talking about what we're gonna do when I get back in summer! We're going to have a FRIENDS Marathon and a cocktail party!!! Oohhhh...this is wayyyy past fun!! I miss Malaysia...and the malls! We're also planning to do karaoke either at Red Box or a friend's place...And then we were talking about establishing our own company..which specialises in planning weddings! Ooh....and how our weddings would be...and how we don't want drunk husbands (might happen if u have a Chinese Dinner)! Haha...and we were trying to remember the tea ceremony! I wonder how we landed to babies...and how that if u tell a guy u want a baby...they get all freaked out. Haha...It's so fun catching up with college mates...

I also told her about this person who I've been having feelings for. It's different from past crushes... It's really strange...I've never felt like this before...all I wanna do is tell him...but I don't know whether to. I hafta admit...I cannot face REJECTION! It was due to past know it sounds very trivial and it ain't a big deal. But for is... Should I take the risk or not??? He's this great guy who might just be too good for me...and I REALLY don't want to lose this special friendship by saying something stupid... I'm not even sure whether he sees me in any other way than a platonic one! What should I do?? I mean I really don't want to freak the guy out...Guys do get commitment phobias easily... *SiGh*...I wish I could work this out...I really NEED a crystal ball! I wish I could read people's minds... People say...take the risk! Take the risk...but i aint much of a risk taker... Lardeedarrrrrr! I usually never feel the urge to tell...but why do I feel like I should now?? Am I asking for a lot? If I did decide to would I say it? Someone...PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE help me!!


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