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Saturday, February 28, 2004


Just finished the LATEST episode of ER. One of the Emergency Dept. staff workers suffered from a stroke and the reason why he took on the job was because he wanted to work hard was to provide his daughter who is a mongoloid (Spelling??) with a better future...It just got me thinking...if I had any kids in the future...would I be able to accept him/her for whoever she/he is? I'm just afraid...i think I'm devoid of this feeling called love...I am doubting that I am capable of it. I sound selfish and all... but I have the greatest admiration and respect for parents who devote their time and love to a child who requires extra special care. Yeah...although parents are expected to love their kids takes A LOT to handle such a situation and I totally respect and I think that they are absolutely wonderful...the world is populated with good people...btu somehow the bad seems to conceal the good... random is this? I'm not saying that it's a plague to have kids who require special attention...i just think that it requires extra special care and strength on the parents' part... everyone is human... and I really hope tht if this happens to me...I won't be selfish...I hope I can thank God for blessing me with a kid...things happen for a reason i even haf a kid...i need a husband...and before i can haf a husband...i need a boyfriend...who am I kidding?!

Yeah...I always think that I'm doomed for spinsterhood... Maybe it's not such a bad thing...i don't know... I think I'm not girlfriend material... Everyone thinks I'm ridiculous for thinking this way...but I don't think I will ever have a relationship in my life. I'm just not dateable...I'm loud, boisterous, unlady-like, Constantly making a twat outta myself...horizontally challenged...intellectually challenged as well...lazy...boring...always expected to pull a 'Monica'... the list goes on... People always tell me to enjoy being single while I can... but I think at this point...a fling would be nice...or maybe even a relationship... i feel terribly insecure...i admit...arghh...wish i was still a kid...I miss my childhood terribly... I miss being innocent...i'm just wondering if there's anyone out there for me...oh my gawd...i'll shaddup now...

Milk + Alcohol= Nauseating Feeling

Since it was the last Soul Nation of the term...i thought I'd have more than usual...BUT...before I went for Soul Nation...I had a bowl of cereal and milk for dinner... Goodness gracious me...after downing 7 shots...I felt really ill...then I sat down and went to pee...haha...WHAT AN INSTANT RELIEF! But then NOW...after Soul still feel ill. I wonder wht I should knackered but still can't sleep...drank soooo much water...but still! Goodness gracious me...and there were sooooo many scary guys at Soul Nation tonite...there were these group of guys who tried to pull me while I was walking home...I was by myself...luckily i was walking fast if not...shite...arghh...still haf tht horrible feeling in my tummy!!!!!!

Went to watch 'Along Came Polly' just before going for Soul Nation...It's a really good show...and I think although Jennifer Aniston doesn't have great features...she's VERY pretty...hee hee and Ben Stiller is just so hilarious! The movie was extremely funny...hahahahahhaha...oh well...going to watch my latest episode of ER now! Absolutely enjoy tht show! hAHA...wonder wht's going to happen between Sam and Dr Kovac... he is soooo gorgeous!! Oh no...that nauseating feeling is BACK!! HELP!!! Better put a box by my bed!! *feeling sicK*

Monday, February 23, 2004

Post Malaysia-nite Syndrome

Malaysia Nite was really good! Most of my housemates and even my HOUSE TUTOR came and they TOTALLY enjoyed the show! I didn't mess up my lines...but ermm...did screw up dikir...*blushes*...Haha...and my housemates were sooooo surprised tht i died in the play! They were like...why didn't u tell us tht YOU DIED? Some of them nearly wanted to cry! Everyone was really relieved tht it was over...the last couple of days have been stressful for most...I'm glad tht we got thru it! Although i complain about practices... i know part of me will miss it...haha...there were some rehersals which were fun! Dikir barat was TONS of fun! I lurveee dikir baraT! And we probably won't see much of each other reason to meet up with life has become so empty! Met many great people and I'm glad tht I participated in this event...can't wait for the next MSA event! We should do a karaoke Nite! Or...the next event should be to watch the Malaysia Nite video TOGETHER and laugh at each other!!!!! How cool will tht be? Oh's gonna be different...back to so-called 'studying'! Tsk TsK! This is bad! Apparently...Warwick MSA is really united as compared to other universities where they have more than ONE Malaysian can be VERY segregated in certain areas...Glad I came to Warwick... Oh well...

Dinner at Rootes was alrite...though the rice was soggy...but at least my housemates liked it and tht's wht mattered...they didn't find it TOO spicy...and we were there early! They thought we were late...because on the said tht dinner started at 4:30 and when we arrives around 5:05...there was absolutely NO ONE! Oh well! At least we skipped the queues...and the portions were HUGE! Oh well...

After M'sia Nite...took SOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures...haf never taken sooo many pictures in my life! Haha...but it was all good...thank God for digital cameras! After tht, headed home....hung out with my housemates for a while then went to International House...played chor dai di and bluff! Totally suck at Bluff... was feeling really exhausted and then decided to head home around 2 something to sleep! Man...I really needed sleeP!

Then...spent the whole day in my room...went to TGIF with Za, Krys, Halim, Sarah and her b/f Marcus! Man... it took us a WHOLE hour to get there...the GPS aint tht great a system...hahaha...we couldn't find the was situated in such a rural (?) area! When we finally found the place...we were cheering...and i shared a Wicked Chicken dish with Sarah and for dessert....had an Apple Waffle Crunch with was good though service was shite! Oh least I'm full now! contemplating wht I am going to do tmr...I keep thinking tht we have practice at 7pm tmr! Hahaha! Am missing Malaysia Nite rehersals...well at least socialising with people...we should do it more feels VERY different...I don't know why! Hee Hee! Oh well...shoudl get some sleep...hafta wake up around 11 tmr...gotta do some work then go sort out my essay results! My number results wasn't on the list...yes i DID hand it up! I've got the sheet to prove yeah...they'd better not LOSE my essay!

Friday, February 20, 2004


Phew...i've finally finished with the doorgifts!! Thanx to an understanding prez...we've decided to give the audience a choice of doorgifts...either the traditional kite (known as the 'wau') or chocolates wrapped in a batik pouch! Phew...all in all...completed 415 doorgifts... There's absolutely no way we could have completed 400 waus... everyone's so busy with other areas of Malaysia tell u the truth...the doorgifts aren't THAT important...but with the took up a lot of time and effort...but i have to admit that producing waus were interesting...such an intricate process...hee hee... I think it's better tht people get a choice coz some people just don't know how to appreicate it...i think i would actually cry if i saw soemone throwing away the wau...i would seriously cry.....Anyway...i can't feel my head on my sholders no more...gotta get some sleep and clean up my room...My room looks like a pigsty and i haf a friend coming over tmr to stay........ohhhhhhhh wellllll....

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I love my housemates!

I love my housemates! I came home to a dark was weird...since people don't go to bed THAT early...and then i saw HEAPS of candles and 6 cakes!!!!! Ain't they great people? Haha...I told them that I'd be back around 9 or 10pm...but then felt bad for not staying for dikir stayed till 11! Hee Hee! Apparently they'd been waiting for a long time and they had to get new candles! Haha...and on the way back...Young called Krystle asking where we were...and this krystle lied...saying that it was her housemate! Haha...anyway...thanx sooooo much u guys! They're the greatest housemates and friends anyone could ask for!!!!! I luv them sooooo much and apppreciate! They make Whitefields 14 such an awesome place! So glad that I'll be staying with 3 of them next year! Life would be different without them!

Ooh...we've decided to pick the house at Broomfield...same road as our other housemates! We won't see each other as often...but we'll be near :) Haha... we'll be staying near the terribly plastic-but-real-life dog! THere was this dog a few doors down from us who was staring out the looked so real but it was so stiff...and it didn't move...and i really thought it was a statue...then i pointed it out to my housemates and that stupid, so-called lifeless thing BARKED and wouldn't stop looking at me...stupid dog! Thank God we're not next door neighbours! I'd just freak out! Oh well...i mite decide to get a telly next year...considering tht I'll be living without DC++ *Sob* *sob* and i'll probably be bored over Christmas! Still haf 6 months to plan...oh well...

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Pink, Pink Day!

Didn'r attend ANY lectures today...*sigh*...back to my old ways again! Tsk Tsk...should feel ashamed...and i actually DO feel very guilty! I do!!!!! But oh well...actually...was late for tort by 15 minutes...but then... ermm...couldn't summon the courage to walk in LATE...oh well...will hafta read up then.

Hee Hee...I'm such a pink, pink person! Most of my bday gifts were PINK! Hee Hee! Pink~ No...I'm not high...'s only 3:30 pm!!! Might have a few drinks tonight... U know what would be really funny...if i went to rehersals pissed and i blurt out things i shouldn't say...hee's not gonna happen!! Not after what happened the last time i went home pissed and shouted the house down and woke everyone up!! I revealed things I shouldn't have...and till this day...I'm still paying! My housemates won't let me forget! Hee Hee... Oh weLL! It's a pink, pink day!! Pinky pink pink! I'll shut up now...gotta do some tort...

Sunday, February 15, 2004


Alritey...remember how i said i thought i was going to fail for my contract law essay? I didn't *Phew* Thanks in part to *sound of drums*....JIAN HUNG...there...happie now?? Yes, you did help me a lot. Haha...I think you helped me more than my uni friends did. Haha...but i suppose everyone was doing last minute work so everyone else was busy with their assignments as well.

Gawd...found out that i have a bloody SII essay due in week 8! How sucky is that? I wonder why they keep dishing out essays for SII! It's a boring and redundant module in my opinion. It's too abstract and it is approached on a philosophical level! Arghh...too much for my tiny brain to assimilate!!! I'm currently working hard on my IPG essay...there's just too much to write! Now I'd probably have to re-edit the whole thing! Damn! But i am quite happy because I started work around 2:45 am and stopped around 4:40am and managed to write 700 words! There's just soooooo much info! I wish SII was more like IPG! Can't wait for next year when I finally get to SELECT my modules! Hopefully there'll be no more CORE modules like stupid SII!

Yesterday...didn't go out at ALL! I was in my room most of the time downloading stuff! I didn't mind though... It felt really good coz i needed my personal space...and i spent the day giving my mind a rest! Felt SOOOOOOOO good! I wish I could do that today...unfortunately...I have another rehersal TODAY at 2-4pm. It's nearly 2pm so i better go soon....

ooh and....
HaPPy BurFdaY to RoBBiE!!

Saturday, February 14, 2004

It's Valentine's Day...Arghhhh

Last soul Nation...the bloody DJ just couldn't shut his trap abt V-Day...gawdd...i was soooo annoyed...i really wanted to slap him..none of the songs were related to the theme of 'love'... Haa Haa Haa! And anyway...I've been a good girl...walked home without anyone having to put me to bed. Hee Hee! I'm so proud of myself :D's Valentine's day today. People say tht I shoudn't make a biggie outta's just another day apparently...but i really don't's an indicator tht I'm STILL single...yes...I've been single all my life...there must be something fundementally wrong with me or something undate-able about me...or maybe I'm too picky (I sound like Monica in the 1st season)... Oh some single people put it...Valentine's Day is friendship day... a day where all people come together to celebrate friendship...BAH...who's gonna buy tht? Ha Ha...oh bloody's JUST ANOTHER DAY!!!!!!

P/S.....Ermmmm....HAPPY V-DAY to those who celebrate it...I'm green with envy...

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Childhood memories

During rehersal...was sitting in a big circle with other fellow Malaysians who were producing the 'wau' and they were talking about cartoons we watched as kids. A few to name were Jem, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Power, Thundercats and Captian Planet. Haha...i can still remember being sooo crazy over Captain Planet in Year 2! Haha...I was soooo gullible. My friend was wearing a ring and he said tht this was one of the rings that would summon Captain Planet if their powers combined! And he said he had left the rest at home. Hee Hee...being the dumb, trusting person i still am...I believed him. I especially wanted to be the blonde chick...Linka was her name i think...and she called out 'wind'. Haha...and he promised to give it to me as long as he could copy my work and i stupidly allowed him to. Haha...for days... I would harass him asking him where the ring was. FINALLY...after a few weeks i think... he gave me this pink ring and i called out wind...but there was no effect...i.e...there was NO windy effect. And man was i disappointed. Hahahaha...what a stupid kid...thank goodness my brother is sooo much smarter than me! Yes, yes...i agree...he is smarter than me! I still remember...he was crazy about Power Rangers and there was of our VCRs were spoilt so we were only left with one and we used to fight over it. I wanted to watch Richie Rich so badly...and that HOG wanted to watch his power rangers show for the umpteenth time! Haha...he was terribly obsessed with Power Rangers. I remember that on the video cover...there were many i lied to him saying that this was the Power Rangers Kids movie. Haha...he did notice that it WASN'T power rangers but he still enjoyed the movie. Ha ha ha ha!!! But he was a stupid kid...but he's smarter than me!

Ooh...contract law results came out today! was assessed! heart couldn't stop beating coz i thought I'd failed! This was considering I had NOT checked through my work. I couldnt be bothered to and spent a few days finishing it. Did NO research WHATSOEVER! Apparently...other people took it seriously and they did a few drafts and all that! quite happie! I'm sooo lazy! Have not learnt from those Taylor's Days! Damnn! Hee hee...Was always lackadisical since young. My brother works his ass off. He's a goody two shoes...always completes his work and reads a LOT! How on earth am I related to him??

Haha...oh well...dikir practice was good though! We hardly got shouted at today and although our palms were excrusciatingly painful (Never experienced such pain from dikir before) was good. Hee Hee..... I lurvee dikir barat. But I've gotta work on my tepuk akhir...always forgetting some bits and too slow at the end! Hee Hee...

Should be working on my IPG Essay...Does Islam contrain or liberate women? Yuppp...controversial issue... in Malaysia if I were to bring this up...I'd probably be arrested. Initially...I had no idea how to organise my thoughts and opinions since this question depended on location. For Malaysia, it is the woman's choice whether she chooses to wear the veil or not...but in Algeria...a woman could be stoned to death if she doesn't wear the 'hijab' (veil). I've decided to look at certain teachings and issues regarding women and then assess them. Then from there, I start to formulate my conclusion...ooh...and in my intro I thought I'd introduce a brief history of Islam...gonan bring up Prophet Mohammad a LOT and his wives! So yeah...sorta got the idea! Alrite...gonna take tmr off from making waus to finish my essay. Am rather tired now!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Hee v tired...just took a shower after deciding to take a break from producing waus...and then decided to take some tests!!

Raver Bear
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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Malaysian Nite 2004

I thought I'd do some advertising. The MSA (Malaysian Students' Association) of Warwick Uni is holding their annual Malaysian Nite this 21st of February 2004 (Saturday Nite)! Yes...there's a cost involved. For a four-course Malaysian dinner and'll be £15...but for performances'll cost u £10. For more information...visit...Warwick MSA Site. Apparently.. we haf one of the best dikir barat in the country (?) Haa Haa...don't know about that!

Future house!

Hee hee...just returned from watching 'Something's Gotta Give'. was hilarious!!!!!! But...ermm...fell asleep becoz i am absolutely knackered. But the good news is tht i managed to get more than 7 hours of sleep. I think Malaysian nite Rehersal wore me out but i don't mind. Haha...went to practice with my manly voice. It sounded absolutely strange's as if the mother was a man...Hee hEe!

Before tht, went to an open house at Broomsfield! Had scrumptious garlic rice (the chicken rice sort) complemented with chili! Yum Yum!! Just like authentic chicken rice! I soooo miss Malaysian food! I miss Nasi Lemak...I miss Prawn Mee...I miss Chicken Rice...I miss Ban Mee...I miss Kangkung Belacan...I miss my grandma's nyonya curry...I miss Ice Kacang...I miss Sate!!! I better stop...Hee hee...then got a call from Rob. We didnt get the house at Canley...instead...we got one at Broomfield...tht was where the open house was being held. What a coincidence. Before we left for the movie...i went to take a look. I didnt get to see the interior...the exterior looked okay...but not i guess it's alrite. Hee Hee... going to look at the house today at 3. Hopefully...we'll fall in love with the interior and we'll take the house!! *crosses fingers* Wish me luck!

Friday, February 06, 2004

What's my problem?

Went to bed around 1 in the morning after falling asleep while watching FRIENDS and woke up to find a bright computer screen. Thought it was already 7 in the morning...looked at my mobile phone and it was 3:11 am...Gawd...tried to sleep then...but NOOOOOO...couldn't! *Sigh*...decided to work on the wau. It was taking me an awfully long time but I guess it's coz i was tired but YET i couldn't sleep.

Didnt go for SII! Sounded so awfully croaky this was as if there was no more sound left in me and I'm like one of the loudest people! Haha...told Sarah that I might not be able to act today...coz my voice is like just soooo terribly 'unmotherly'. Gawd...

Was sposed to go to birmingham to do some shopping with hiza, mun, azi and dina BUT...didn't feel up for it so went to Cov with Sam instead. I wouldnt haf gone if it wasnt for the fact that i needed to shop for people's presents! Went to Topshop...ended buying underwear AGAIN! Gawd...tht's all i ever buy! The cashier was so friendly and nice and she asked me where i'm from and how i feel as an international student. Just thought I'd mention it coz I've never met such a friendly cashier in my life. Hee Hee...went into Ann Summers to get a gift and i actually saw dildos. It's so funny coz in Malaysia there would be NO Ann Summers...(unless ure in Chow Kit...but it wouldnt be called Ann Summers u know what i mean) and here there were people actually seeking advice on which dildo suits them best. I know it aint a biggie...but the people here are really open and i like it. Hee Hee...oh well...then went to Superdrug to get some sleeping pills and the lady was kinda advising me against it...and then i kinda feared that if i took them now...i would depend upon it heavily in the future...I'm only 18 I decided against it.

I haf relatives who cant sleep AT all if they don't take sleeping pills. I never thought I'd have problems sleeping back in Malaysia because I used to sleep like a yeah...kinda worried now...this problem has been persisting for weeks...but it's been getting worse...Initially...thought my sleeping cycle was messed up coz i slept at 4 in the morning...and woke up around 12...btu now i aint getting no sleep...What to do??? Hopefully this will just be a phase... *crosses fingers* I really need sleep...coz my eyebags are so pronounced and i'm really starting to resemble a panda...actually...a spotty panda coz i'm suffering massive breakouts! Arghhhhh...I'm just hoping that this slpeeping problem isn't heriditary... I don't think I'll tell my mum coz she also has problems sleeping as well however she doesn't rely on sleeping pills..if i do tell her...she'll probably worry and not sleep. I'm only this common????? Now I'm worried...


Was trying to remember what I did last weekend. Oh well...didn't do anything AT ALL. Hahahaha..Oh well...saw my seminar tutor on my way to practice today and he nodded with a nice smile. So yes I am going for SII tmr! Planning to go to Birmingham to SPLURGE!! Hahahhaha! Oh birthday's coming soon so I suppose I am allowed....considering all the New Year money and birthday money! I need a new pair of jeans!! Goodness...i am an insomniac! I didnt get much sleep...only slept at 9 this morning till 11:45!! sooo tired but oh nose is blocked as well!! I need sleep! I need sleep...hopefully i'll sleepin front of the comp! Haha...Ooh...finally got the song for dikir...
Demo lo ni tidak serupo mulo (something like that)
Tak berani kawe nok something
Tengok kherling hujang mato
Tengok kherling hujang mato
Nyo mari angin sekake demo mato

Well...Haha...alrite...better go to bed!

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Contentment!'s already Thursday yesterday was Marianne's birthday! She's 20 but claims she's 16! Haha...oh Marianne...what an amaiable friend who never fails to make you laugh and smile. haha...Went to Coventry to get materials and I sound like a frog in the morning...basically losing my voice! Perfect timing! Hahaha...With the play and dikir barat (well not that I'm much help in the dikir). ha ha...

What's on my mind??? Well, I'm just really glad that sometimes...although things don't turn out the way you wish they would you do realise that you are blessed with other things as well. Like...although that person couldn't reciprocate those feelings...he was honest and we've decided to put this behind us and be friends again. I'm thankful coz I've heard stories when admitting one's feelings can also lead to a termination of friendship as well. From this experience, I've learnt that coming to Warwick was a good choice because I've gotten to know many great people here. Although I've only known them for a few months, they have never failed to be there for me when I needed them. I'm actually very lucky to be surrounded by the greatest friends anyone could ask for! They're so patient and tolerant as I can be so difficult, stubborn and moody and sometimes...terribly...ermm...inebriated (ha ha), yet they're supportive and sweet. For me, I don't have very many close friends...only a few especially since I've lost touch with my friends from high school. So yeah...I'm really thankful for having wonderful friends at Warwick!

Haha...Yes...I'm getting all sentimental now...haha...i think i'm quite soft. haha...everyone thinks I'm a toughie...But I aint. I'm so soft inside. Haha... I still remember the time when I was in Taylors...I was sposed to live with my aunt and her family in Subang...and me being the over confident b*tch i was...i thought I'd rough it biggie...haha...and then after a month of crying... I moved back to Cheras and didnt mind the travelling. Was such an impetuous, puerile person then (not that i aint puerile now but...) haha.. Oh least whe I came to Warwick...I wasn't as homesick as I was in Subang. haha... so queer though dont you think? of my friends went back to M'sia yesterday and I know that I will miss her. She was one of my friends from Taylors...and the funny thing is that we grew closer when we both came to UK considering the fact that we used to see each other everyday in class back in Taylors. But in UK we're like 2 hours away from each other... Hee Hee. Actually made great friends in Taylors as well. Haha...I miss PL-1 tremendously... I still remember that in my first term I got everyone to hate Ms Linda...coz her English was so terribly rotten. She would mix appeal and appal...haha...I'm sooo mean. Haha...we were actually quite close as a class. In second to know certain people better...haha...i still remember how i thought ed, JH and toh shien were very quiet. Haha...but luckily got to know them better! And...the first time I sat in Ed's did I suffer a heart attack...but then gradually got used to his driving. Ooh...and the nasi lemak stall under the tree. Hee was soo good...and for Lit classes...Ms Michele allowed us to eat and then we used to stink the whole class with our sotong...haha...and we always had at least 2 bottles of water to cool down the spiciness of the sambal. Haha...Ooh...who could ever forget Mrs Ong? Sweet old Mrs Ong...haha...and there was one time where we thought she was pregnant...i think Jane pointed that out. Haha...and i still remember THAT FATEFUL day when i dropped my mobile phone and it landed on the roof. Hee Hee...and AFTER that...was on the top floor and i dropped it to the ground...Haha...oh least I got a new mobile phone. Hahahahaha...i miss PL-1 so much. Miss going to Mediya and buying soup and buns. Also miss sitting outside class and chilling with the PB-1 people like Doreen, Lisa. Oh yes...and that PL-1 was considered to be the WORST class to teach and Mr M's disappearance was blamed on us. I remmeber that everyone always skived his classes and only the people in the front would listen to him while the rest would sit behind playing cards and eating kuaci...Hahahahaha....Those days...I'm actually shocked that I got into Warwick considering that I was such a lazy and unmotivated person...only studied the night before for my Socio finals...haha...We were a lazy bunch...and our lecturers saw no future for us. Haha...So glad i was in PL-1...most notorious class in our intake...hahaha...always wreaking havoc...hee hee...oh well...looking back's fun...and now...I'm feeling very contented. Hee Hee

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Warwick Uni!

Hee friend was trying to prove that Sheffield Uni is better than Warwick! haha...where he came up with that I have no idea...according to him, it is ranked 2nd highest after Oxbridge! Yeah...WHATEVER! This entry is especially for Jian Hung! Look at the ratings! Warwick's in the top 10 OVERALL! Haha...

  • Times League Table
  • We're ranked number 8!!!

  • Times League Table
  • Read the paragraph where Warwick Uni is in the top 10!

    Beat that Jian Hung!! hahaha...
    Warwick University is such a nice uni...glad I came here...nice environment...limits my spending...Haha!! Nice people...Hee hee...and Soul Nation every fortnight!! Oh yar...and we've established a reputation from having the best DIKIR BARAT within UK! Haha...BEAT THAT JIaN HUNG!!!

    Tuesday, February 03, 2004


    Am really tired. Went for tort and nearly fell asleep. Not that the lecturer's boring but I'm just really exhausted. Tomorrow...I have a debate on veiling. Does the veil or hijab empower women or does it constrain them? This is a matter of interpretation. From an Orientalist point of might think it constrains women. However, the Muslim women who actually wear the veil feel that their modesty is protected and they feel liberated as they are judged upon their brains rather than their physical attributes. It also gives them a sense of fulfillment since it's their duty to wear the 'veil'. Yes, Yes...I'm arguing that the veil does empower women. Oh well...i mean...i can see their perspective and it makes clear sense to me. Everyone should be entitled to freedom of choice. Yes...I'll shut up now!

    How am I going to survive tomorrow?? I just absolutely abhor IPG...not the subject but the class. I'm left out...Oh well..just think of it as being an hour...and YES...i have to survive!! Instead of blogging...i should be doing my work...but no...i prefer to procrastinate and complain while I can actually be doing WORK! oh's human nature...I'm tireddddddddddddddddddddddddd! Somebody HELP meeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Monday, February 02, 2004

    Pizza Nite

    My sleeping cycle is screwed up!! up really late today! So...what's new?? Well...felt like shit when I first woke up... Didnt feel good at all. Stayed in my room. Until my tummy grumbled and I knew it was time to cook something so I just baked salmon...luckily...I was getting better when i FINALLY got out of my room...instead of being cooped up in my room!!! Went house hunting with Lu Lu, Robbie and Ben...walked round Cannon Park and we're deciding on the house near the pub. Haha..well...that's NOT the basis of our decision though. It felt sooo good to get out of my room and spend time with people. After tht, went to Tesco and bought a Cosmo mag...ooh and Apple and Raspberry juice... After that...downloaded some movie with Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor...cant even remember the name as I fell asleep into the first few 15 minutes. How utterly boring!! Then...we had our Pizza Nite...thanx to Vee, Danzio and's nice spending time with Whitefields 14 people...all great people...and it was nice being together again. hee Hee...and we had so much fun just talking crap again...and dissing people..oh well that's all we ever do! hahahahaha...Ooh.....Young and I mite just organise our Chinese Nite next Sat for W/F 14...haha...well...she's gonna cook ban mee and i'll be baking brownies ( 'Chinese'). Hee Hee..thought of making Ice Kacang..but that's Msian and she wants to try something Chinese. Might even decide to cook curry and rendang for them! for one another is soooo cooL! As long as it's appreciated... We'll see...might not even have time.

    Ooh...mite be having dinner next, next week to celebrate me and Robbie's bday! Hee hee...we're gonna turn 19 soon. This Wednesday is Marianne's birthday...oh...she's turning 20?? Ooh...Hiza the squeezer will be turning 19 on Monday (9th) old! I dun wanna grow old...Imagine growing older...being an old woman...all ur children hate you and don't care about you...Your husband dies...aww.. ok...i'll shaddup now...people have heard this story WAY TOOOOOOOOO MANY times...*Sigh*...Life goes on...