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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Childhood memories

During rehersal...was sitting in a big circle with other fellow Malaysians who were producing the 'wau' and they were talking about cartoons we watched as kids. A few to name were Jem, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Power, Thundercats and Captian Planet. Haha...i can still remember being sooo crazy over Captain Planet in Year 2! Haha...I was soooo gullible. My friend was wearing a ring and he said tht this was one of the rings that would summon Captain Planet if their powers combined! And he said he had left the rest at home. Hee Hee...being the dumb, trusting person i still am...I believed him. I especially wanted to be the blonde chick...Linka was her name i think...and she called out 'wind'. Haha...and he promised to give it to me as long as he could copy my work and i stupidly allowed him to. Haha...for days... I would harass him asking him where the ring was. FINALLY...after a few weeks i think... he gave me this pink ring and i called out wind...but there was no effect...i.e...there was NO windy effect. And man was i disappointed. Hahahaha...what a stupid kid...thank goodness my brother is sooo much smarter than me! Yes, yes...i agree...he is smarter than me! I still remember...he was crazy about Power Rangers and there was of our VCRs were spoilt so we were only left with one and we used to fight over it. I wanted to watch Richie Rich so badly...and that HOG wanted to watch his power rangers show for the umpteenth time! Haha...he was terribly obsessed with Power Rangers. I remember that on the video cover...there were many i lied to him saying that this was the Power Rangers Kids movie. Haha...he did notice that it WASN'T power rangers but he still enjoyed the movie. Ha ha ha ha!!! But he was a stupid kid...but he's smarter than me!

Ooh...contract law results came out today! was assessed! heart couldn't stop beating coz i thought I'd failed! This was considering I had NOT checked through my work. I couldnt be bothered to and spent a few days finishing it. Did NO research WHATSOEVER! Apparently...other people took it seriously and they did a few drafts and all that! quite happie! I'm sooo lazy! Have not learnt from those Taylor's Days! Damnn! Hee hee...Was always lackadisical since young. My brother works his ass off. He's a goody two shoes...always completes his work and reads a LOT! How on earth am I related to him??

Haha...oh well...dikir practice was good though! We hardly got shouted at today and although our palms were excrusciatingly painful (Never experienced such pain from dikir before) was good. Hee Hee..... I lurvee dikir barat. But I've gotta work on my tepuk akhir...always forgetting some bits and too slow at the end! Hee Hee...

Should be working on my IPG Essay...Does Islam contrain or liberate women? Yuppp...controversial issue... in Malaysia if I were to bring this up...I'd probably be arrested. Initially...I had no idea how to organise my thoughts and opinions since this question depended on location. For Malaysia, it is the woman's choice whether she chooses to wear the veil or not...but in Algeria...a woman could be stoned to death if she doesn't wear the 'hijab' (veil). I've decided to look at certain teachings and issues regarding women and then assess them. Then from there, I start to formulate my conclusion...ooh...and in my intro I thought I'd introduce a brief history of Islam...gonan bring up Prophet Mohammad a LOT and his wives! So yeah...sorta got the idea! Alrite...gonna take tmr off from making waus to finish my essay. Am rather tired now!


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