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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Contentment!'s already Thursday yesterday was Marianne's birthday! She's 20 but claims she's 16! Haha...oh Marianne...what an amaiable friend who never fails to make you laugh and smile. haha...Went to Coventry to get materials and I sound like a frog in the morning...basically losing my voice! Perfect timing! Hahaha...With the play and dikir barat (well not that I'm much help in the dikir). ha ha...

What's on my mind??? Well, I'm just really glad that sometimes...although things don't turn out the way you wish they would you do realise that you are blessed with other things as well. Like...although that person couldn't reciprocate those feelings...he was honest and we've decided to put this behind us and be friends again. I'm thankful coz I've heard stories when admitting one's feelings can also lead to a termination of friendship as well. From this experience, I've learnt that coming to Warwick was a good choice because I've gotten to know many great people here. Although I've only known them for a few months, they have never failed to be there for me when I needed them. I'm actually very lucky to be surrounded by the greatest friends anyone could ask for! They're so patient and tolerant as I can be so difficult, stubborn and moody and sometimes...terribly...ermm...inebriated (ha ha), yet they're supportive and sweet. For me, I don't have very many close friends...only a few especially since I've lost touch with my friends from high school. So yeah...I'm really thankful for having wonderful friends at Warwick!

Haha...Yes...I'm getting all sentimental now...haha...i think i'm quite soft. haha...everyone thinks I'm a toughie...But I aint. I'm so soft inside. Haha... I still remember the time when I was in Taylors...I was sposed to live with my aunt and her family in Subang...and me being the over confident b*tch i was...i thought I'd rough it biggie...haha...and then after a month of crying... I moved back to Cheras and didnt mind the travelling. Was such an impetuous, puerile person then (not that i aint puerile now but...) haha.. Oh least whe I came to Warwick...I wasn't as homesick as I was in Subang. haha... so queer though dont you think? of my friends went back to M'sia yesterday and I know that I will miss her. She was one of my friends from Taylors...and the funny thing is that we grew closer when we both came to UK considering the fact that we used to see each other everyday in class back in Taylors. But in UK we're like 2 hours away from each other... Hee Hee. Actually made great friends in Taylors as well. Haha...I miss PL-1 tremendously... I still remember that in my first term I got everyone to hate Ms Linda...coz her English was so terribly rotten. She would mix appeal and appal...haha...I'm sooo mean. Haha...we were actually quite close as a class. In second to know certain people better...haha...i still remember how i thought ed, JH and toh shien were very quiet. Haha...but luckily got to know them better! And...the first time I sat in Ed's did I suffer a heart attack...but then gradually got used to his driving. Ooh...and the nasi lemak stall under the tree. Hee was soo good...and for Lit classes...Ms Michele allowed us to eat and then we used to stink the whole class with our sotong...haha...and we always had at least 2 bottles of water to cool down the spiciness of the sambal. Haha...Ooh...who could ever forget Mrs Ong? Sweet old Mrs Ong...haha...and there was one time where we thought she was pregnant...i think Jane pointed that out. Haha...and i still remember THAT FATEFUL day when i dropped my mobile phone and it landed on the roof. Hee Hee...and AFTER that...was on the top floor and i dropped it to the ground...Haha...oh least I got a new mobile phone. Hahahahaha...i miss PL-1 so much. Miss going to Mediya and buying soup and buns. Also miss sitting outside class and chilling with the PB-1 people like Doreen, Lisa. Oh yes...and that PL-1 was considered to be the WORST class to teach and Mr M's disappearance was blamed on us. I remmeber that everyone always skived his classes and only the people in the front would listen to him while the rest would sit behind playing cards and eating kuaci...Hahahahaha....Those days...I'm actually shocked that I got into Warwick considering that I was such a lazy and unmotivated person...only studied the night before for my Socio finals...haha...We were a lazy bunch...and our lecturers saw no future for us. Haha...So glad i was in PL-1...most notorious class in our intake...hahaha...always wreaking havoc...hee hee...oh well...looking back's fun...and now...I'm feeling very contented. Hee Hee


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