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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Future house!

Hee hee...just returned from watching 'Something's Gotta Give'. was hilarious!!!!!! But...ermm...fell asleep becoz i am absolutely knackered. But the good news is tht i managed to get more than 7 hours of sleep. I think Malaysian nite Rehersal wore me out but i don't mind. Haha...went to practice with my manly voice. It sounded absolutely strange's as if the mother was a man...Hee hEe!

Before tht, went to an open house at Broomsfield! Had scrumptious garlic rice (the chicken rice sort) complemented with chili! Yum Yum!! Just like authentic chicken rice! I soooo miss Malaysian food! I miss Nasi Lemak...I miss Prawn Mee...I miss Chicken Rice...I miss Ban Mee...I miss Kangkung Belacan...I miss my grandma's nyonya curry...I miss Ice Kacang...I miss Sate!!! I better stop...Hee hee...then got a call from Rob. We didnt get the house at Canley...instead...we got one at Broomfield...tht was where the open house was being held. What a coincidence. Before we left for the movie...i went to take a look. I didnt get to see the interior...the exterior looked okay...but not i guess it's alrite. Hee Hee... going to look at the house today at 3. Hopefully...we'll fall in love with the interior and we'll take the house!! *crosses fingers* Wish me luck!


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