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Sunday, February 15, 2004


Alritey...remember how i said i thought i was going to fail for my contract law essay? I didn't *Phew* Thanks in part to *sound of drums*....JIAN HUNG...there...happie now?? Yes, you did help me a lot. Haha...I think you helped me more than my uni friends did. Haha...but i suppose everyone was doing last minute work so everyone else was busy with their assignments as well.

Gawd...found out that i have a bloody SII essay due in week 8! How sucky is that? I wonder why they keep dishing out essays for SII! It's a boring and redundant module in my opinion. It's too abstract and it is approached on a philosophical level! Arghh...too much for my tiny brain to assimilate!!! I'm currently working hard on my IPG essay...there's just too much to write! Now I'd probably have to re-edit the whole thing! Damn! But i am quite happy because I started work around 2:45 am and stopped around 4:40am and managed to write 700 words! There's just soooooo much info! I wish SII was more like IPG! Can't wait for next year when I finally get to SELECT my modules! Hopefully there'll be no more CORE modules like stupid SII!

Yesterday...didn't go out at ALL! I was in my room most of the time downloading stuff! I didn't mind though... It felt really good coz i needed my personal space...and i spent the day giving my mind a rest! Felt SOOOOOOOO good! I wish I could do that today...unfortunately...I have another rehersal TODAY at 2-4pm. It's nearly 2pm so i better go soon....

ooh and....
HaPPy BurFdaY to RoBBiE!!


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