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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I love my housemates!

I love my housemates! I came home to a dark was weird...since people don't go to bed THAT early...and then i saw HEAPS of candles and 6 cakes!!!!! Ain't they great people? Haha...I told them that I'd be back around 9 or 10pm...but then felt bad for not staying for dikir stayed till 11! Hee Hee! Apparently they'd been waiting for a long time and they had to get new candles! Haha...and on the way back...Young called Krystle asking where we were...and this krystle lied...saying that it was her housemate! Haha...anyway...thanx sooooo much u guys! They're the greatest housemates and friends anyone could ask for!!!!! I luv them sooooo much and apppreciate! They make Whitefields 14 such an awesome place! So glad that I'll be staying with 3 of them next year! Life would be different without them!

Ooh...we've decided to pick the house at Broomfield...same road as our other housemates! We won't see each other as often...but we'll be near :) Haha... we'll be staying near the terribly plastic-but-real-life dog! THere was this dog a few doors down from us who was staring out the looked so real but it was so stiff...and it didn't move...and i really thought it was a statue...then i pointed it out to my housemates and that stupid, so-called lifeless thing BARKED and wouldn't stop looking at me...stupid dog! Thank God we're not next door neighbours! I'd just freak out! Oh well...i mite decide to get a telly next year...considering tht I'll be living without DC++ *Sob* *sob* and i'll probably be bored over Christmas! Still haf 6 months to plan...oh well...


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