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Friday, February 06, 2004


Was trying to remember what I did last weekend. Oh well...didn't do anything AT ALL. Hahahaha..Oh well...saw my seminar tutor on my way to practice today and he nodded with a nice smile. So yes I am going for SII tmr! Planning to go to Birmingham to SPLURGE!! Hahahhaha! Oh birthday's coming soon so I suppose I am allowed....considering all the New Year money and birthday money! I need a new pair of jeans!! Goodness...i am an insomniac! I didnt get much sleep...only slept at 9 this morning till 11:45!! sooo tired but oh nose is blocked as well!! I need sleep! I need sleep...hopefully i'll sleepin front of the comp! Haha...Ooh...finally got the song for dikir...
Demo lo ni tidak serupo mulo (something like that)
Tak berani kawe nok something
Tengok kherling hujang mato
Tengok kherling hujang mato
Nyo mari angin sekake demo mato

Well...Haha...alrite...better go to bed!


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