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Monday, February 23, 2004

Post Malaysia-nite Syndrome

Malaysia Nite was really good! Most of my housemates and even my HOUSE TUTOR came and they TOTALLY enjoyed the show! I didn't mess up my lines...but ermm...did screw up dikir...*blushes*...Haha...and my housemates were sooooo surprised tht i died in the play! They were like...why didn't u tell us tht YOU DIED? Some of them nearly wanted to cry! Everyone was really relieved tht it was over...the last couple of days have been stressful for most...I'm glad tht we got thru it! Although i complain about practices... i know part of me will miss it...haha...there were some rehersals which were fun! Dikir barat was TONS of fun! I lurveee dikir baraT! And we probably won't see much of each other reason to meet up with life has become so empty! Met many great people and I'm glad tht I participated in this event...can't wait for the next MSA event! We should do a karaoke Nite! Or...the next event should be to watch the Malaysia Nite video TOGETHER and laugh at each other!!!!! How cool will tht be? Oh's gonna be different...back to so-called 'studying'! Tsk TsK! This is bad! Apparently...Warwick MSA is really united as compared to other universities where they have more than ONE Malaysian can be VERY segregated in certain areas...Glad I came to Warwick... Oh well...

Dinner at Rootes was alrite...though the rice was soggy...but at least my housemates liked it and tht's wht mattered...they didn't find it TOO spicy...and we were there early! They thought we were late...because on the said tht dinner started at 4:30 and when we arrives around 5:05...there was absolutely NO ONE! Oh well! At least we skipped the queues...and the portions were HUGE! Oh well...

After M'sia Nite...took SOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures...haf never taken sooo many pictures in my life! Haha...but it was all good...thank God for digital cameras! After tht, headed home....hung out with my housemates for a while then went to International House...played chor dai di and bluff! Totally suck at Bluff... was feeling really exhausted and then decided to head home around 2 something to sleep! Man...I really needed sleeP!

Then...spent the whole day in my room...went to TGIF with Za, Krys, Halim, Sarah and her b/f Marcus! Man... it took us a WHOLE hour to get there...the GPS aint tht great a system...hahaha...we couldn't find the was situated in such a rural (?) area! When we finally found the place...we were cheering...and i shared a Wicked Chicken dish with Sarah and for dessert....had an Apple Waffle Crunch with was good though service was shite! Oh least I'm full now! contemplating wht I am going to do tmr...I keep thinking tht we have practice at 7pm tmr! Hahaha! Am missing Malaysia Nite rehersals...well at least socialising with people...we should do it more feels VERY different...I don't know why! Hee Hee! Oh well...shoudl get some sleep...hafta wake up around 11 tmr...gotta do some work then go sort out my essay results! My number results wasn't on the list...yes i DID hand it up! I've got the sheet to prove yeah...they'd better not LOSE my essay!


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