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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Am really tired. Went for tort and nearly fell asleep. Not that the lecturer's boring but I'm just really exhausted. Tomorrow...I have a debate on veiling. Does the veil or hijab empower women or does it constrain them? This is a matter of interpretation. From an Orientalist point of might think it constrains women. However, the Muslim women who actually wear the veil feel that their modesty is protected and they feel liberated as they are judged upon their brains rather than their physical attributes. It also gives them a sense of fulfillment since it's their duty to wear the 'veil'. Yes, Yes...I'm arguing that the veil does empower women. Oh well...i mean...i can see their perspective and it makes clear sense to me. Everyone should be entitled to freedom of choice. Yes...I'll shut up now!

How am I going to survive tomorrow?? I just absolutely abhor IPG...not the subject but the class. I'm left out...Oh well..just think of it as being an hour...and YES...i have to survive!! Instead of blogging...i should be doing my work...but no...i prefer to procrastinate and complain while I can actually be doing WORK! oh's human nature...I'm tireddddddddddddddddddddddddd! Somebody HELP meeeeeeeeeeee!!!


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