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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Warwick Uni!

Hee friend was trying to prove that Sheffield Uni is better than Warwick! haha...where he came up with that I have no idea...according to him, it is ranked 2nd highest after Oxbridge! Yeah...WHATEVER! This entry is especially for Jian Hung! Look at the ratings! Warwick's in the top 10 OVERALL! Haha...

  • Times League Table
  • We're ranked number 8!!!

  • Times League Table
  • Read the paragraph where Warwick Uni is in the top 10!

    Beat that Jian Hung!! hahaha...
    Warwick University is such a nice uni...glad I came here...nice environment...limits my spending...Haha!! Nice people...Hee hee...and Soul Nation every fortnight!! Oh yar...and we've established a reputation from having the best DIKIR BARAT within UK! Haha...BEAT THAT JIaN HUNG!!!


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