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Friday, February 06, 2004

What's my problem?

Went to bed around 1 in the morning after falling asleep while watching FRIENDS and woke up to find a bright computer screen. Thought it was already 7 in the morning...looked at my mobile phone and it was 3:11 am...Gawd...tried to sleep then...but NOOOOOO...couldn't! *Sigh*...decided to work on the wau. It was taking me an awfully long time but I guess it's coz i was tired but YET i couldn't sleep.

Didnt go for SII! Sounded so awfully croaky this was as if there was no more sound left in me and I'm like one of the loudest people! Haha...told Sarah that I might not be able to act today...coz my voice is like just soooo terribly 'unmotherly'. Gawd...

Was sposed to go to birmingham to do some shopping with hiza, mun, azi and dina BUT...didn't feel up for it so went to Cov with Sam instead. I wouldnt haf gone if it wasnt for the fact that i needed to shop for people's presents! Went to Topshop...ended buying underwear AGAIN! Gawd...tht's all i ever buy! The cashier was so friendly and nice and she asked me where i'm from and how i feel as an international student. Just thought I'd mention it coz I've never met such a friendly cashier in my life. Hee Hee...went into Ann Summers to get a gift and i actually saw dildos. It's so funny coz in Malaysia there would be NO Ann Summers...(unless ure in Chow Kit...but it wouldnt be called Ann Summers u know what i mean) and here there were people actually seeking advice on which dildo suits them best. I know it aint a biggie...but the people here are really open and i like it. Hee Hee...oh well...then went to Superdrug to get some sleeping pills and the lady was kinda advising me against it...and then i kinda feared that if i took them now...i would depend upon it heavily in the future...I'm only 18 I decided against it.

I haf relatives who cant sleep AT all if they don't take sleeping pills. I never thought I'd have problems sleeping back in Malaysia because I used to sleep like a yeah...kinda worried now...this problem has been persisting for weeks...but it's been getting worse...Initially...thought my sleeping cycle was messed up coz i slept at 4 in the morning...and woke up around 12...btu now i aint getting no sleep...What to do??? Hopefully this will just be a phase... *crosses fingers* I really need sleep...coz my eyebags are so pronounced and i'm really starting to resemble a panda...actually...a spotty panda coz i'm suffering massive breakouts! Arghhhhh...I'm just hoping that this slpeeping problem isn't heriditary... I don't think I'll tell my mum coz she also has problems sleeping as well however she doesn't rely on sleeping pills..if i do tell her...she'll probably worry and not sleep. I'm only this common????? Now I'm worried...


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