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Monday, March 29, 2004

Colin Firth sat next to me on my flight!!!!!!!!

OMG!!! Colin Firth sat next to me on my flight!! It was a rather spacious aircraft and I was rather excited that I was seated next to an actor!!! Hee Hee! Although I don't admire him as much as I used's just the fact that I got to sit next to him! Wow! Unfortunately...I could tell he was getting rather irritated with me as I kept dropping stuff and my headphones got tangled around his. Don't ask me what else happened...because i was woken up by some noise!! I think it was my mum nagging!! Hee Hee...yes people IT WAS A DREAM! Haha...I watched Hope Springs just before I went to bed... Ohhh...maybe if I watch Alias right before I sleep...I'll be dreaming of Michael Vartan!!! Who knows??!! Haha...

Anyway...sorry abt the LONG silence! I've just been too lazy to update my blog! I suppose Malaysia does that to you! Haha! Ermm....what have I been up to? Nothing much except shopping!! I've not bought much though...I've bought a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, CLEO mags, lotsa DVDs, VCDs! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I've met up with some friends as well...haha...been catching up :) It's been fun! Ooh!! THere's a Zara at KLCC now!! But I do miss my freedom and independence back in UK! There's no one to nag one to tell me what time to haul my ass one to lecture one to firce me to do anything! Argh ...missing UK!! Well...that's one of the reasons why I miss UK! On the brighter side of things, at least I'm satisfied with my Nasi Lemak and my Char Kuey Teow! I'm satisfied that I don't have to do my own laundry... I'm satisfied that everything here is so much cheaper than in UK! BUT...I haven't done any work!! Oh dear...looks like I'm gonna hafta start working on those essays todaY!! I'd be lucky if I even complete 3 when I return!!! I need help!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Back in Malaysia

After having spent 6 months in UK...i've forgotten how terribly humid Malaysia can be until I stepped off the aircraft! My goodness...I'm pespiring profusely and I take cold showers now. What a world of difference! AND... I don't have to wear a light jacket. I've also forgotten the existence of insects!! I've been bitten by soooooooo manny mozzies and it's been only a 2 days?! Tsk Tsk...I've also forgotten how reckless drivers are in Malaysia and how congested traffic can get...but at the moment, school holidays are on so the traffic aint so bad! I've also forgotten how good Kangkung belacan tastes and how scrumptious ma po tofu tastes! I've forgotten what Astro is like! I've forgotten how the Star is so interesting. I've forgotten how a 100 ringgit can buy you so MANY things! I've forgotten that I've got soooo many clothes in my wardrobe! I've forgotten how comfy my bed feels...I've forgotten how convenient and easy it is to shop in an ACTUAL shopping mall and not a row of shops! Ahh...the delightful Kuala Lumpur! I love it! Haha...although the weather is terribly humid! I wish it was moderately cold but not as cold as the harsh frigidity of Britain!

Tomorrow, I'll be headed for KLCC with my mum to get a proper pair of shoes! Can't wait!!! Haha...I have claimed my ang pow and birthday money from my mum! Hee hee...I should really be saving for my trip to New York in December (my mum sorta agreed) but oh well...splurging on a pair of shoes and jeans wouldn't really matter and some gifts for a few friends! LardeedaR! And oh yes...the pound is dropping! Thank goodness!! Oh well...and ooh...ELECTIONS are nearing... I have absolutely noooooo idea when I'm returning home as well... hee hee!

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Freebies Galore...

Got a freebie bag from a Multi-National firm. The goodies were useful..2 quid worth of photocopying..a highlighter...and a good quality notepad :) Hee hee...I'm soooo easily amused and satisfied! Then went to watch the FREE preview of 'The Girl Next Door' at the student cinema. To complement the free preview, they handed out free chocolates as well! Hee hee! It was actually quite a good deal considering the movie was free...what more could one ask for? Then...they handed us a sheet and told us to write down a name of a porn star. Krystle and I thought it was creating an interesting name for a porn star...haha...and we didnt think we were gonna win..yes can imagine how embarassed we felt...Hiza was the MOST embarassed out of the 3 of us. Ha ha. least we both won 5 t-shirts each...haha...gave away 3 of mine! Haha...and they were also handing out free condoms and pens. Got a condom but gave it away...wish i had a pen instead! The movie was about this boy who was a real loser at high school and he risks everything just for the girl who lives next to him. IT's a hilarious movie...your typical teen movie! Haha...nothing thought-provoking...Haa Haa! Going to watch Mystic River later today!! Ooh........the 13th is nearing! Will be back in Malaysia on Sunday! Can't wait!!!

Haha...was reading Jayne's blog...and saw an interesting quiz...and decided to do it as are the results...
You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
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Decided to do a few other tests as well:
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My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
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You're a Glass of Wine!

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Incident at Coventry and Krys went to Coventry to shop for some things...and we thought we'd save some money and time...since we were meeting ferhat and hiza for dinner...we decided to goodness...u know how shops here in UK are...they all close at 5:30 pm...LATEST...6pm! By quarter past 6, Coventry has become a ghost town!!! And so at 6...we were kicked out of HMV...then we decided to sit outside... and this drunk bastard comes up to us and says in a brusque and crude manner...'I wanna have sex on the beach with you'...and he was singing...and I wanted to run off..but Krys was still sitting down...and then I still sat...then he started coming near us...and I was sooooo terrified. I was quite appalled at the same time because NO ONE offered to help us...we thought he was going to go away...and I decided to ignore him...but tht was a futile he came nearer to us! Goodness gracious me...I am quite traumatised...and after tht...Krys had to buy me a drink to calm me down. Haha...and after tht...I felt as if every man who was walking down the street was going to pounce on me... I know this whole incident sounds so trivial...but I'm one helped! Apparently...there was this other man who was watching by the side...smirking away...asshole! Man...I feel hopeless in such situations...

A few months friend had such an encounter...but instead she was being insulted because she was CHinese...I was there...with a MUCH larger group of friends...we were waiting by Lady Godiva for a friend...then this guy comes up to us and asks us for the time...and of course when you look at your watch you have to bend your head down right??? And when we told him the time...he was looking only at her and he asked...Why did you look down when I asked you the time? And we were kinda DUH! But we just kept silent...And then one of my other friends tried defending her by saying she wouldnt do such a thing. We were more speechless when he started shouting, 'WTF is wrong with you?' and luckily at tht moment...our friends came and we quickly left...leaving him standing there shouting,'I'll tell you wht's're fucking CHINESE!' I was consumed by shock...but now tht I look back...since I was with such a huge group of friends...I would have kicked his ass...

A friend was saying tht in such situations, you should NEVER initiate the fight...unless...the other party initiates it...then it's acceptable...because you're defending yourself. Oh well...I think tht I've been too protected at home. My parents would always never let me get out of the I spose coming to UK is a good experience...Ok Ok...I am enjoying myself over great friends...Oh well...I'll just leave it at's over!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Craving Char Kuey Teow

My Sleeping cycle is screwed up...AGAIN! Yes...Can't wait for next week actually...I've become so terribly unindustrious...Why oh why? I don't think I've ever been soooooooooooooo lackadaisical goodness... this whole independence thing is not good...I end up abusing it! Wonder wht my parents will say...Hee Hee...Decided to go for my 9 am seminar...and my tort lecturer was extremely nice this morning... I wonder why...he was almost like Michael wht brought on the change...oh well...was kinda sleepy...

Then went for IPG...hee hee...she showed a video on indsutrialisation in Malaysia...the documentary was based in Penang...focused quite a bit on the rural areas. There was this one interview with a woman who used to work in a factory...but then decided to open her own 'Noodle Stall' (as the foreigners would call it)...but to was good ol char juey teow she was frying...Oh bless her! Char Kuey Teow... *drools*

I seriously cannot wait to PIG OUT when I get back to M'sia...ooh...I'll be just in time for the end of sale season as well! *Yay* LardeedaR!! Pizza Nite later...I seriously do not feel hungry...but I feel greedy...but every time I think of wht's inside my fridge...I wish I had char kuey teow...but since I don't I don't wanna eat anything! Arghh...I seriously never thought tht I'd have issues with food...but I do!! Maybe I should go down to the CHina Town in Birm and get some groceries...i think i'll go this weekend...any takers??

I know... I'll cook for my lovely housemates before Vee leaves...*sob* *sob* This term has gone by soooo incredibly quickly...I'm kinda sad and relieved tht this term is almost coming to an end! On on hand...I can't wait to get back to Malaysia...but on the other hand...Vee's leaving...What am I gonna do?? Who's gonna shape my brows?? WHo am I gonna run to for advice on matters pertaining Who am I gonna cry to? *Sniff*...and tonite's the LAST PIZZA NITE of Whitefields 14...*Sniff*...gonna miss her loads! SHe's like the mummy of Whitefields 14...aww...

I think i digress....WAY TOOO MUCH!