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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Back in Malaysia

After having spent 6 months in UK...i've forgotten how terribly humid Malaysia can be until I stepped off the aircraft! My goodness...I'm pespiring profusely and I take cold showers now. What a world of difference! AND... I don't have to wear a light jacket. I've also forgotten the existence of insects!! I've been bitten by soooooooo manny mozzies and it's been only a 2 days?! Tsk Tsk...I've also forgotten how reckless drivers are in Malaysia and how congested traffic can get...but at the moment, school holidays are on so the traffic aint so bad! I've also forgotten how good Kangkung belacan tastes and how scrumptious ma po tofu tastes! I've forgotten what Astro is like! I've forgotten how the Star is so interesting. I've forgotten how a 100 ringgit can buy you so MANY things! I've forgotten that I've got soooo many clothes in my wardrobe! I've forgotten how comfy my bed feels...I've forgotten how convenient and easy it is to shop in an ACTUAL shopping mall and not a row of shops! Ahh...the delightful Kuala Lumpur! I love it! Haha...although the weather is terribly humid! I wish it was moderately cold but not as cold as the harsh frigidity of Britain!

Tomorrow, I'll be headed for KLCC with my mum to get a proper pair of shoes! Can't wait!!! Haha...I have claimed my ang pow and birthday money from my mum! Hee hee...I should really be saving for my trip to New York in December (my mum sorta agreed) but oh well...splurging on a pair of shoes and jeans wouldn't really matter and some gifts for a few friends! LardeedaR! And oh yes...the pound is dropping! Thank goodness!! Oh well...and ooh...ELECTIONS are nearing... I have absolutely noooooo idea when I'm returning home as well... hee hee!


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