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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Freebies Galore...

Got a freebie bag from a Multi-National firm. The goodies were useful..2 quid worth of photocopying..a highlighter...and a good quality notepad :) Hee hee...I'm soooo easily amused and satisfied! Then went to watch the FREE preview of 'The Girl Next Door' at the student cinema. To complement the free preview, they handed out free chocolates as well! Hee hee! It was actually quite a good deal considering the movie was free...what more could one ask for? Then...they handed us a sheet and told us to write down a name of a porn star. Krystle and I thought it was creating an interesting name for a porn star...haha...and we didnt think we were gonna win..yes can imagine how embarassed we felt...Hiza was the MOST embarassed out of the 3 of us. Ha ha. least we both won 5 t-shirts each...haha...gave away 3 of mine! Haha...and they were also handing out free condoms and pens. Got a condom but gave it away...wish i had a pen instead! The movie was about this boy who was a real loser at high school and he risks everything just for the girl who lives next to him. IT's a hilarious movie...your typical teen movie! Haha...nothing thought-provoking...Haa Haa! Going to watch Mystic River later today!! Ooh........the 13th is nearing! Will be back in Malaysia on Sunday! Can't wait!!!

Haha...was reading Jayne's blog...and saw an interesting quiz...and decided to do it as are the results...
You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
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Decided to do a few other tests as well:
Lion King!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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My inner child is ten years old today

My inner child is ten years old!

The adult world is pretty irrelevant to me. Whether
I'm off on my bicycle (or pony) exploring, lost
in a good book, or giggling with my best
friend, I live in a world apart, one full of
adventure and wonder and other stuff adults
don't understand.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
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You're a Glass of Wine!

What Type of Alcoholic Beverage Are You?
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