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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


I never knew that reading other people's blogs were so about 3 different ones. The first one belonged to a guy who managed a strip joint in US...another one was about an American woman who was teaching in Korea with v liberal views and the third belonged to a prostitute. All damn interesteing in their own ways...'s easy to forget that there are various sorts of people living out there and that their lives are just as interesting in their unique ways. Tee hEe...

Oh back in the UK. It seems different. Don't know why...I think I've only been back for 3 days...I think it's the jet lag...going to bed arounf 9 these days! So unacceptably early and waking up around 5am! the past...that would hve been my bedtime! Oh well... and am feeling v tired these days. I wonder why? Well...let's just say airplane food hasnt done me much good since i got back. I've been feeling nauseous...but I feel hungry... Today this was what I had the whole day: 4 fruit roll ups, 2 Reese Peanut Butter Cups, a can of diet coke, salmon....tht's actually a lot compared to yesterday. Yesterday i had...a mango frescatto, 1 fruit roll up, a bit of a choc tart and salmon...'s changed too.

One more essay...but I can't seem to find the will to even continue...I've only written 279 words outta 2500 words. I have absolutely NOOOOOOOO idea what I'm talking about and this bloody essay constitutes 60% of my module grade...DAMMIT! Why oh why did I bring this upon myself to come to Warwick- the place OVER-populated by intelligent people? Why am I so intellectually challenged? Why do I find it so difficult to assimilate the easiest bit of info?? I used to love legal theory but now I abhor's just become the bane of my existence! fickle i can get...Tsk Tsk...I'm ashamed of myself...I really am. BTW...does anyone know whether natural law encompasses postivism?? Gotta like plan out my essay... the question is 'How relevant is natural law to modern society?'. Since natural law spanned over thousands of years, i thought it'd be easier to discuss the main philosophers in the different periods and compare each of them, then select which I think would be most applicable to today's society, but also on the whole, evaluate the general relevance of nat. law to modern society. Am i making any sense? Oh well!

Anyway...came across this rather interesting piece...

  • I'd rather be a whore than an Academic


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