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Friday, April 02, 2004

Malaysia has not changed much

Was watching the news on NTV7 last night. According to Thai authorities, the guilty terrorists who were allegedly respnsible for the recent terrorist bombing in a place called Gudlam (i think that's wht it was called) in Thailand had crossed the Malaysian border. The next thing you know...there's this guy who is supposedly the deputy head of the Internal Security Dept berating the Thai authorities for such a ludicrous accusation...and he goes on about how they don't have sufficient evidence to prove this...and to quote from NTV7, "Malaysia is not a haven for terrorist activities..." and there I was seated...shaking my head! Gawd...why can't they just rule that as a possibility and device a plan preparing for an event like that in case it may be true instead of procrastinating and later the real thing'll be too late and they'll be like giving PATHETIC excuses like...Oh time wasn't on our side and blah blah blah! Prevention is better than the cure! Tsk Tsk! Malaysia has not changed...

Been thinking about taking up driving...and as usual...I've heard many stories about these corrupt driving examiners. It seems that BRIBING THE INSTRUCTOR is one of the main payments of earning your license to drive! It's become a unheard of! Well...there's this guy (who shall not be made known) who refused to bribe the idiotic a result...not only did the examiner fail him (well...tht's a forgone conclusion)... not only did he get shouted at ALL the way back to the school...but on his record...the bloody instructor wrote him off as a wreckless driver.'s difficult to pass if you don't bribe... Don't these damn examiners know that they're risking lives if you put incompetent drivers out on the road? And I can't really blame those who bribe...because...some of them don't have the resources to handle another driving test (and there's this apprehension of not passing again) if they don't bribe. Oh well...I don't think ALL examiners are like that...just the ones that I've heard of...

Anyway....Sg Wang is still a SHOPPER'S PARADISE! is indeed a delightful place...Lot 10 is just opposite the road...Ooh...I love that part of KL! You're really spoilt for choice! Will be headed to One Utama next week...I heard that it's gigantic with sooooo many shops!!! Can't wait...and will be headed for Central Market as well...hopefully just before i leave :) Ooh! I'm definitely going to miss the shopping and the cheap prices of things in Malaysia...and definitely the food! I've put on sooooooo much weight since I've been back. I need to lose at least 10 kg! That's going to be sooooooo difficult. I've resolved to go to the gym when i get back to Warwick...whether it materialises is a different thing. From tomorrow onwards...I shall start watching what I eat and start exercising! Haha...I can see you laughing...but I will try! Wish me luck... I might start being a Bridget Jones...and keeping a diary of how much i weigh everyday! Help! I'm so utterly obese and lazy!


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