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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Exam Periods are NOT helpful

I haven't updated my blog in a long, long time! For one thing, nothing amazing, nor interesting happened in my life. And everyday...with the dreary and depressing British weather...i don't feel like going out instead, I'd rather stay cooped up in my room :) sad am I? Yes I know...PATHETIC!

Exams are nearing...and yes I am afraid of failing my exams and I damn well know that I should start revising but that hasn't materialise! Oh shite...I have started a wee bit...but that's not sufficient...gotta really, really push myself this week! Hopefully, I'll complete at least law by these 2 weeks... But i know that instead I'll be watching Will and Grace! Tsk ashamed of myself!

Was supposed to go to Birm for a day of shopping with Hiza, Krys, Robbie and Ben...but i ditched them...because i WOKE up with a tummy ache...and I didnt feel too well. Honest!! Oh well...I'm thinking of all the cash I saved! Haha!! Although i really wanted to get a skirt! Clothes here are so pretty!! Lardeedar! I'm not going to say I love spring because right now...the weather is horrendously FRIGID! DAMN the weather! I love spring when it's sunny!! Lar lar Lar! :) Later...had dinner with a friend and watched Kill Bill 2! I preferred the first one... Am going to watch it with another friend again because I promised him i would! But overall...i didnt mind it.

Well...any takers for Top B this Monday?? Please say yes!! Because I'm going...I'm actually meeting a friend there!'ll be all good :) Haha...although I know that only my housemates are fond of Top B! Haha...they are sooooo loyal to Top B! It's sooooo cute! I luv all my housemates to bits (yes...I've mentioned this before) but they are the world's MOST AWESOME people! *MuaKZ*

Ermm...what am I going to do today?? Need to go to Tesco...and then maybe Frisbee tossing? I don't know? Lardeedar! Alright...this is a boring post...


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