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Sunday, May 30, 2004


After the invigilator collected my paper...I was walking on air! Never in my life have I felt so relieved! And the best thing was that when I walked out...i see Krys and Hiza waiting outside for me...all smiles! Oh BTW...yesterday's paper was common law...both contract and tort! It was not as bad as I had expected. There are just soooooo many cases and legal principles and you never know what's going to come out. It's over...that's what matters now. The next exams are SII and IPG (urgh...why did i ever do socio?) though it feels as if I've finished exams after yesterday's exam.

Ooh...saw this cute blonde guy with blue eyes yesterday at the Arts centre...he looked terribly worried and despondent. He looked as if he hadn't studied...and he asked us what time the exam was. But man was he gorgeous...blonde eyes...nice bod... I think I have a penchant for well built blonde guys with blue eyes.

Well...after the exam...basically wasted the whole time. Me and Krys decided to download Mean Girl (Lindsay Lohan). Haha...a terribly bimbotic, teen-flick but i thought it was hilarious...the ending was quite stewpeed. of these bimbotic girl was hilarious. She claimed she had psychic, perceptual powers...'I have ESPn'! What a bimbo! Hee Hee! and Krys had a long discussion about guys. HAHA... I've learnt something since being at Warwick... there are 3 tests to pass in order to determine whether that guy is right for you. Firstly, let's be realistic...LOOKS! Puh-leeze...people who don't know you judge you upon your looks. It's not a high priority but it is a first. Secondly, personality...he may be like the most gorgeous guy but the most himbotic person...but if he passes this...there's another requirement...COMPATIBILITY! Haha...he may be the nicest person you've ever met...but you may need someone feisty. Haha...kinda impossible to get such a guy coz then u'd be looking at the ultimate PERFECT guy. Haha...then we were thinking how love can change a person. I mean in a good way... :) Oh well... Then I was telling Krys how I don't think I'd have survived the first warwick year without the people who I chill with. Life would be mundane... but it was groovy and nwo tha first year is about to come to an end. No more Whitefields 14...oh well!! GOnna start my geekhood in september. Haa Haa! Oh well...


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