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Friday, August 13, 2004

Insipid Banality

Man…I’ve been terribly lazy lately. I’ve not been up to much lately…Been reading a lot though…nothing heavy…just a few fiction and non-fiction paperbacks. ‘The Mango Season’ is absolutely one of my favourite books! The protagonist comes from a very traditional family from Bangladesh but moved to the States to further her studies when she was 20. She hasn’t been back home for 7 years. Her fiancé is an American and they’ve been ‘living in sin’. However, her parents are unaware of her fiancé and they try to coerce her into an arranged marriage when she goes back. She doesn’t know wht to do…to tell or not to?? Kinda similar to the predicament I’m stuck in… I still don’t know whether to tell my parent or not. I mean religion is THEIR life! I’m not going to think about it for now…

Apart from the utter banality of my life in Malaysia, my laptop is dying… *Sniff* It’s terribly sick at the mo. The poor thing has definitely contracted a virus…or a few to speak. I mean normally…why would I be re-directed to a porn site?? Tsk Tsk! I just called up DELL today. I have to run a few tests on my poor dearie! It’s still under warranty though! Ooooohhh… but if there’s anyone out there who wants to generously offer their precious time to help me fix it…you’re more than welcomed!! J Hee Hee!

Defo missing my life back in UK! The sheer freedom…ahh…I can almost taste it now! Ok..I won’t be soo dramatic. Though I do miss all my friends… I haven’t really been in touch with them but I miss them tremendously!

Oh yeah…cash supply is depleting!! Someone help restore it! I have no idea where it’s all spent! DVDs perhaps? I don’t know! Man…I should really stop going out!! Doesn’t do any favours for the purse! Darn! I love Zara!! I think it’s better than MNG! It’s subtle yet elegant. Hee hee!

A few more weeks till I’m back in the UK! Gone were the days of Whitefields 14…say hello to 81, Broomfield Road! I’m kinda excited coz I’ll be able to re-decorate my room. My housemates think I’m absolutely mad…because I worry about being the first in the house so I worry whether they’ll at least welcome us with ONE roll of toilet paper! That’s definitely essential and who is going to clean the toilets?? Which means we might need a roster…then that brings us to apportioning the bills! See what I mean…so many things to think of!! Though I’m more excited about decorating my new house. The boys are really hung up on producing a scarecrow and they’re so hung up on using ‘Fugly the Rabbit’ as the head! I may never step into our house backyard. I’m just too scared of being near birds! Stupid I know… There was once where they threatened to leave the doors and windows of the house open and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs leading to my room! But I talked them out of that insane idea! Boys! So puerile! Tsk Tsk!

Anyway…I hope all of ya are having a good holiday!! Take care ya all! *MuakZ*

P/S Vote for Andrew (Malaysian Idol) and NO i do not have a crush on him I just think he exudes charisma w/out having to exert effort nor energy. Ya know wht I mean?