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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Three years since 9/11...and history repeats itself...

I know it's been 3 years since the tragic 9/11 incident... part of me knows that it's happened...but another part of me cannot fathom the tragedy. It's a big deal... Some people may think that the US deserved was a warning for the US to stop 'butting in' into business of others. And I wanna say...although I think America does interfere too much at times... I truly believe that no one...i repeat...NO ONE...regardless of one's race, religion, creed, colour, size...deserves such a devastating and unprecedented incident. As I read the way these people have died, there's a wrench in my heart... It's been 3 years...yet not all that died in the attack have been identified... I can't bear to imagine the emotions of those who have lost a loved one to this tragic event... This year, the parents & grandparents of the late 9/11 victims read the names aloud. There is no way in hell I could deal with such a tragic loss... And I have profound admiration and respect for those who have gathered the courage and hope to deal with it. I couldn't stop crying when I read excerpts from the book 'Your Father's Voice: Letter for Emmy about Life with Jeremy-- and Without Him After 9/11' (Lyz Glick and Dan Zegart). Fortunately, I never lost anyone to 9/11 though my aunt was running for her life when it had I'm extremely thankful though I cannot understand why 19 people would want to risk the lives of over 2500 innocent people! It infuriates me to think that these 19 Islam fundamentalists would think of such an event as 'jihad'.

I don't know what they think they've accomplished from all far as I know...I have Muslim friends who think the excuse 'jihad' is utter nonsense... Well...I'm not a Muslim myself... so I don't wanna dwell on the religious connotations involved. be fair...after 9/11...Muslims didnt have it easy either as they were persecuted and some were being harassed and hurt because some people thought that the fault of the 9/11 incident lied within the Islam faith... well that's absolutely not true... The extent to which a person can possess so much hatred really appals me. Though I'm not saying that in life we'll like everyone we meet...but not to the extent of taking away the lives of more than 2000 people who they never even knew personally. Simultaneously, it raises another parallel...what right does America have to declare war on Iraq?? What about those innocent Iraqis who have died because of America's attack. And yes...although they found Saddam Hussein... what about those poor Iraqis??

Although I may have unrealistic perceptions, and part of me (though I refuse to acknowledge it) knows that war is inevitable... I just can't think of all those lives lost because of war. Sometimes I wonder...what if I had been a poor Iraqi woman with 5 children but no money to flee the country that was going to be bombed?? Where was the opportunity to save myself? Where was my second chance in life?? And it just hit some...second chances in life are very rare... and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. And that just sucks... Sometimes I do thank God for my life and I know I need to have more appreciation for the things in my life. In a way, 9/11 has opened my eyes and the world of reality has unravelled before me, simultaneously eradicating ยด(well...most of my) naive perceptions and views... I was reading more about the 9/11 incident, I came across this article... which reports that the agency of the WTC plans to sue Saudi Arabia. Yes...although I know it's just the 'WTC agency' and the fact that it is minute compared to the nations France and Britain put together, I can't help but think of the reparations the Germans were forced to pay after WW1. WW1 was labelled as 'their' fault. Personally, I would deem this as a repeat of history. I do not feel comfortable with pointing fingers at countries as a whole... I mean...look what happened to Germany... This is definitely going to stir up quite a bit of controversy...

Again, back to being naive, but will it never stop?? It's been 3 years... yes, yes I know I'm being terribly unrealistic. I'm quite sure there's more to come... I don't know... I'm not very good at politics... What do you think??