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Monday, February 21, 2005's been 5 months!

OMG! I'm actually blogging! It's been like...5 months?! a way lots has happened in these 5 months. I've been busy lar...and it's not like anyone ever visits this page anymore. I'llbe surprised if anyone actually comments on this post...wht am i talking abt...i mean if anyone even VISIT this page...nah...i doubt it.

Anyway...Malaysia Night 2005 was yesterday (19/02) and it was fab!! We were quite worried about the financial aspect and the amount of tix left...but thanks to all the procrastinators (yes...thank god for last minute-rs) out there...we sold over 50 tix at the door...with an extra charge of one pound! Yay!! We did not anticipate that there were soooo many procrastinators out there...and we managed to sway one passer-by to purchase a ticket. Hee hee! Everyone was fantastic. I have to admit, initially I was quite apprehensive, with ticket sales being slow and so many things going wrong during the morning rehersal. But...everyone gave it their all on the night itself. Well done MSA!!!

As for me, I have fallen ill. Terrible cold, cough, felt feverish this morning. I am still contemplating whether I should go for classes tmr...I've got one lecture and TWO sems (ahvent done any work...*Sigh*) Oh yes...I have turned over a new leaf this year! I go for MOST (three-fifths) of my classes this term. And I do some preparation for seminars. Haha...yes...yes...all because stupid 2nd year counts. The irony of it all is tht I feel more and more incompetent by the day... I'm intimidated by all my coursemates who seem to know volumes more than I do. Grrr... why am I sooooo intellectually challenged? *Sniff*

A few updates: first term was in Cov was utterly dreary and depressing. But then the hols were awesome...Frankfurt then NYC! NYC was a blast!! Americans are unreserved and those tht I've met so far are absolutely fantabulous...they're unreserved and absolutely friendly! I love how open they are...Like in DC when I had to pass thru immigration point...the officer was so friendly, we were having a nice chat...but oh gawd...once i reached Heathrow...the immigration officer was so formal and stiff...he never even smiled! Man...all the Brit immigration officers tht I've been thru were so formal and unfriendly. was incredible! It was a shopaholics' paradise... I watched 'La Cage aux Folles'...hilarious and light-hearted...Niles from The Nanny was one of the leads. My all-time fave spot in New York is definitely Times Square...the sights and sounds of NYC was defo mesmerising. Incredible. And guess wht? I plan to go there AGAIN this December.

I'll be returning to Malaysia for my easter hols. Could life get any better? Hee hee. so tht leaves...3 more weeks till home sweet home. Which also means...3 more weeks to do as much research as I can and attempting to complete at least one assignment. Haha...wht are the chances of tht happening? I really have to start investing more effort in my work before I get drown even more! Ahhh.....

Also, I think I'm a much happier person these days. I had been pretty depressed for a period of time...but only one or two people knew about it...and they gave me good advice. I guess I had a 'spiritual' nothing religious (I'm not confused abt my beliefs...I know I'm agnostic...the prob is telling my parents and I have yet to resolve tht prob). Instead of trying to please everyone, I'm going to do wht I want. And I do relish alone time with myself (sounds sad) but I need time to clear my head and think. Being alone is no crime...and I have to say I'm quite enjoying those moments. Also, I've stopped trying to be someone I'm not anymore... let's jst say...I feel quite refreshed nowadays (emotionally). aint easy but it's defo worth a shot.


I am feeling pretty tired. I have decided not to go for classes tmr. I don't think I can handle it. I'll probably go for another sem on THursday or something. Tmr, I'll sleep and clean up my room, do some grocery shopping at sainsbury's. *Sniffle*