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Friday, May 13, 2005

The Aftermath of Sleep Deprivation, PMS, Stress and Incompetence

I am drained...mentally and physically spent. I am on the verge of a breakdown. I want to seek the solace of my room. But I can't. There are so many things I have yet to do...and it's too late to go back by bus (Coventry: DODGY- A girl was sexually assaulted around my area about two weeks ago). Right now, everything seems overwhelming and BEYOND my comprehension. Seriously, I need to scream right do...

My whole day has been occupied with Easements, when I should have progressed to the first chapter of CCC and COMPLETED it. I F***ING HATE THE BLOODY LAW! I HATE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW! Yes...I am in frustrated biatch mode...WATCH OUT! Oh wow... and being conditioned to believe that 2:1s are way out of reach... Everything is crashing down on me...including the HUGE bill that I will be slapped with for the grill fire that I caused last week...I am expecting it to amount to a hefty sum of £70...which will automatically mean that I will no longer be going to Prague. *Sigh*...that's probably the tenth sigh in an hour...

Maybe, what I need is a good kick to get me moving. I don't know...Nothing can be of any motivation to me right now...well...there is one thing but that's never going to it's best not to even venture that. Man...the combination of many trivialities can build into one huge billow of doom...DOOM...I AM DOOMED!

Yes, indeed I am f***ed, yet here I am lamenting. I do bring it upon myself... So what's the aftermath of a sleep deprived, stressed, incompetent, PMS-ie and over emotional person? Me right now....!!


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