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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I was nearly slaughtered...

I've 2 days left...and I think I've made my decision. I've decided not to pursue the matter. I hope and pray that it will not come back to haunt me some day. Hopefully, I'll be able to move on. My life is in desparate need of proper prioritisation.

Yesterday, I thought I was going to be slaughtered. my mom's hands! As some you know how I *occassionally* have my blog address as my display name on MSN right? Right...well...usually...I'm very cautious...I always block my brother and mum on MSN...oh yes...and church members (for fear that they'll start fabricating different versions of the truth). Well...the church members were all done...however...I stupidly forgot the other two MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE! AND YES...SHE WAS ONLINE! But thank mum's a techno dino so she paid NO attention to my display name! Can you imagine if she had uncovered my deepest secret?! I would be subjugated to church camp and counselling from various ministers for life! That would just be utterly traumatic! They'd be brainwashing me! However, I know that ultimately, the truth will have to come out...but now's just not the right time. I do want to complete my degree. My degree is imperative and integral for my future independent survival.

Oh goes on, doesn't it? Right...I shall need to devise practical ways (mre like excuses) of dealing with such a situation JUST IN CASE it does happen. It's better to be safe than sorry isn't it?

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I don't know...

Right...I am in a dilemma...which is of an utterly trivial nature. However, for reason unknown to me, it seems to pre-occupy my thoughts. And no matter how hard I try to dismiss it, I can't! I feel as if have to get it out of my system. However, the effect would take time (which I'm running out of) to run its course, thus making it futile to even embark upon. On the other hand, I know that if I don't get it out of my system, I will somehow regret it. But then I bounce back to the fact that my decision has to correspond with this thing known as 'REALITY'. In addition I consider that if I did choose to let it out...what if the outcome was utterly disastrous? Could I bear that? I don't know...urghh...these three words are like a plague! I absolutely detest uncertainty! At the same time, I am worried...if I don't do anything...could this matter be eradicated through time? Would I be able to move on?

I hate myself right now. Why do I tend to over-dramatise things of the smallest magnitude? I don't know... that's all I can seem to tell myself right now...which lands me back at square one...I DON'T KNOW!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Alcohol is very bad...

Apologies for the incoherent previous post. I was writing under the influence of alcohol as you must already know. I've noticed this year that whenever I return home in an inebriated state, I tend to head for the computer and pick some innocent unsuspecting victim from my contact list to harass. Ermm...not only do I babble nonsense...unfortunately I tend to reveal more info than I would like to. I can't even remember who I've disclosed information to! Oh well...fortunately these people can keep a secret (i hope)! Don't worry...even though my 'control' is somewhat impaired by alcohol...I've never disclosed other's secrets...only my own deepest, darkest myself (Arghh...alcohol is very bad)!

Hmphh...oh well...the effects of alcohol. It's indeed quite a 'wonder'. Think about it...a baby could result from too much alcohol...a violent brawl could it impairs your faculty of reason and sends you into another dimension! Ok...I'm babbling utter nonsense again. No no... I'm not drunk...just insanely BORED! Hmph...oh well...what can you do?

Saturday, June 18, 2005



I'm feeling kinda high rght now. Just got back from Soul Nation and am feelng awfully hungry. Don't wanna grill anything in case i burn the house down. Hee Hee! Lardeeeeeeeeeeeedaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It waas a pretty 'interesting' soul nation. Ermmm...for one...i accidentally got my finger stuck in the door. The excruciating pain tpok a while to settle in. It hurts now...but I'm sure when I wake up...the pain will be...unbearable. I love peopleeeeeee! But arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....I really need to srt myself outttttttttttttttt! I think I'm going to bed soon! Exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Nght peple!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Elitism taken too far?

There was an article in The Times today about this 'online community'
Beautiful People. However, not just anyone can join. To be a member, you have to fulfill the criterion of being BEAUTIFUL. No girl-next-doors, no geeks. NO! Their aim? To introduce 'beautiful people to TRULY beautiful people' (What a Paris thing to say!). Puh-leeze...someone please get me a barf bag! Tsk Tsk...what has become of the world today? What?! Attractive qualities my foot! More like...attractive assets and equipment. Morally reprehensible... I guess anyone who would want to join such a 'coveted' community must be superficial and pretty insecure. This is elitism taken too far if you ask me. Oh well...

Ooh! Batman Begins premiers this Thursday! I wonder whether Christian Bale will make a good Batman. We shall see. The best Batman EVER has to be Michael Keaton. Val Kilmer was absolutely lifeless and wooden...terribly SITFF! The enigma that surrounds Batman should trigger intrigue and curiousity however George Clooney just did NOT (and i'm thinking COULD NOT) pull it off! Ooh...and Adam West...he is a cutie...however...I just could NOT take him seriously...not with a tight-fitting lycra suit and an awful theme song which made it seem more like a joke. Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh Neh BATMAN! BATMAN! Haha!

Anyone wanna go watch 'Batman Begins' this Thursday?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

My feet are killing me

Oh gawd! I am such a spaz at today...wore my denim pointy shoes to Birm today...KNOWING that I'd have to do quite a bit of walking! Sarah was in a worse position...she was wearing heels. Haha...our *dear* friend's theory is that the more you walk in uncomfortable shoes, the tougher your feet get! Haha! Well...walking was not the only pain that our pairs of feet had to endure... The excruciating pain was exacerbated when we had to RUN for the bus!! OUCHHHHHHHHHH!

Lesson of the day:
Wear either trainers, flat boots or flip flops...esp in long periods of retail therapy
Quote of the day:
"i cant help it that i'm so attractive.."
(Sarah Tan)
Also...SOUL NATION this FRIDAY (perhaps the LAST SOUL NATION EVER!) So haul your asses to the union! Do NOT disappoint me people!

Saturday, June 11, 2005


As i was in the shower singing...I started humming the American National Anthem right after singing Moon River (I tend to jump from one song to the next...I don't know how) and it hit me... I need to learn the lyrics to my national anthem! Well...let's just say I'm terrible with lyrics in general. Indeed...for example...the Powerpuff Girls theme song...I used to think it was, 'Buttercup...she is the topless fighter' when it was actually 'Buttercup...she is the fearless fighter'. So yeah...I'm just generally bad with the dont hate my country. It's just that in school...they never bothered teaching us our national anthem and we never had to sing it during assembly. Now that I think bout it...even for Malay...we were never taught the national anthem. How bizarre. You'd think they at least teach us the lyrics and like translate the essence of it. But no...Oh well...*here's what I can remember of our national anthem*:

Negarakuuuuu (My country/nation)
Tanah tumpanya darahku ( the familiarity of the soil flows in my blood?? Tanah- earth, darah-blood...hey they rhyme!)
Rakyat hidup...lar (x6) (Something to do with life...???)
Gosh...and whenever I try to recall how the anthem ends...I end up singing,
'The GIS forever, we wear our badge with pride' (Last line of my school song)
Tsk Tsk...I'm ashamed of myself...Utterly Despicable...

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bout of Procrastination's about 2 am in the morning...
TIME LEFT TILL NEXT EXAM: 11 hours and approximately 25 minutes

Yet, here I am blogging...WHY DO I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE? WHY?!

Anyway, was talking to a friend today... who ridiculed my taste in men (actually all my friends do). Hmphh... I wish to re-affirm...LOOKS are SUBJECTIVE...

In addition...Physical Attributes isnt everything. I think i'm more drawn to a guy's charisma and his fantastic personality...I'm not superficial (unlike some people *cough*)...Hee Hee... You people know who you are! Shall not mention any names...

I know Michael Phelps aint the best looking swimmer in the world...but he is the BEST swimmer in the world...there...I've justified my case...
In conclusion, I do NOT have bad taste in men... :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

Can I die from Caffeine Overload?

Before April 20th:

Daily Intake of caffeine:

MAX: One 330mL of Diet Coke a day or A Latte (medium)

My current daily intake of caffeine (After April 20th):

MORNING(10:00- 14:00): One 500mL bottle of Diet Coke

AFTERNOON (14:01- 19:00): One 330 mL can of Diet Coke

EVENING (19:01- 00:00): One 250 mL can of Red Bull

NIGHT/DAWN (00:01-04:00): 4 sips of another 250mL can of Red Bull yeah... Is it possible to die from caffeine overload? I have to know as I plan to increase my caffeine intake over the next 72 hours...(3 exams in 3 days...2 which I have NOT touched...and one which I have only gone through once). Do you think I'll die??