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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bout of Procrastination's about 2 am in the morning...
TIME LEFT TILL NEXT EXAM: 11 hours and approximately 25 minutes

Yet, here I am blogging...WHY DO I ALWAYS PROCRASTINATE? WHY?!

Anyway, was talking to a friend today... who ridiculed my taste in men (actually all my friends do). Hmphh... I wish to re-affirm...LOOKS are SUBJECTIVE...

In addition...Physical Attributes isnt everything. I think i'm more drawn to a guy's charisma and his fantastic personality...I'm not superficial (unlike some people *cough*)...Hee Hee... You people know who you are! Shall not mention any names...

I know Michael Phelps aint the best looking swimmer in the world...but he is the BEST swimmer in the world...there...I've justified my case...
In conclusion, I do NOT have bad taste in men... :)


At 7:40 am, Anonymous Su Lin said...

yes yes..i m SURE those huge rippling muscles and that tiny speedo have NOTHING to do with your infatuation..hmm? ;P

At 8:00 pm, Anonymous krys said...

Howd you come to that conclusion? what does someone's swimming abilities have to do with his personality? For all you know, he's probably got an ego the size of america coz of his swimming abilities... and so is probably really stuck up. Does that say much about his personality? hahahaha.... point is, you don't know what their charisma or personality is!! so in conclusion, you have bad taste... haahaha

Anyways, good luck for your next exams... you can do it!!

At 3:13 am, Blogger .+ shopaholic +. said...

::Thinking Skills Question::

Michael Phelps is a swimmer.
Michael Phelps is the best swimmer.
Sonia is not superficial.
Sonia's taste in guys is good.

hehehe.. great conclusion to that one Son :)


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