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Monday, June 06, 2005

Can I die from Caffeine Overload?

Before April 20th:

Daily Intake of caffeine:

MAX: One 330mL of Diet Coke a day or A Latte (medium)

My current daily intake of caffeine (After April 20th):

MORNING(10:00- 14:00): One 500mL bottle of Diet Coke

AFTERNOON (14:01- 19:00): One 330 mL can of Diet Coke

EVENING (19:01- 00:00): One 250 mL can of Red Bull

NIGHT/DAWN (00:01-04:00): 4 sips of another 250mL can of Red Bull yeah... Is it possible to die from caffeine overload? I have to know as I plan to increase my caffeine intake over the next 72 hours...(3 exams in 3 days...2 which I have NOT touched...and one which I have only gone through once). Do you think I'll die??


At 7:31 pm, Anonymous sarah said...

well, it's certainly not advisable.

At 8:03 pm, Anonymous krys said...

well if you keep that up over a long period of time, you'll probably get hypertension - in other words, high blood pressure... which aint good... but i'd say coffee is probably worse than diet coke...


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