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Saturday, June 11, 2005


As i was in the shower singing...I started humming the American National Anthem right after singing Moon River (I tend to jump from one song to the next...I don't know how) and it hit me... I need to learn the lyrics to my national anthem! Well...let's just say I'm terrible with lyrics in general. Indeed...for example...the Powerpuff Girls theme song...I used to think it was, 'Buttercup...she is the topless fighter' when it was actually 'Buttercup...she is the fearless fighter'. So yeah...I'm just generally bad with the dont hate my country. It's just that in school...they never bothered teaching us our national anthem and we never had to sing it during assembly. Now that I think bout it...even for Malay...we were never taught the national anthem. How bizarre. You'd think they at least teach us the lyrics and like translate the essence of it. But no...Oh well...*here's what I can remember of our national anthem*:

Negarakuuuuu (My country/nation)
Tanah tumpanya darahku ( the familiarity of the soil flows in my blood?? Tanah- earth, darah-blood...hey they rhyme!)
Rakyat hidup...lar (x6) (Something to do with life...???)
Gosh...and whenever I try to recall how the anthem ends...I end up singing,
'The GIS forever, we wear our badge with pride' (Last line of my school song)
Tsk Tsk...I'm ashamed of myself...Utterly Despicable...


At 9:52 pm, Anonymous sarah said...

buttercup, she is the TOPLESS fighter??? dude!

At 1:38 am, Blogger .+ shopaholic +. said...

Sonia Ling Wei CHANG! tsk tsk tsk.. not remembering your own national anthem! you must be one of the reasons the govt's considering playing national anthems in the cinemas before the movies begin!

Just to refresh your memory (and yes annoy you), here's the lyrics! ;D

Tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat Hidup, Bersatu dan Maju
Rahmat Bahagia, Tuhan Kurniakan
Raja Kita, Selamat Bertahkta (x2)

The TraNslaTion is roughly-
My country - the land where my life began
Its people live in progress and harmony
With God-given blessings of happiness
Our King reigns in peace

Haha.. enjoy!

At 7:29 pm, Blogger randomness said...

Haha Jayne! So right...hypothetically speaking...what if person X's life did NOT begin in Malaysia? Could s/he still sing the National Anthem? just bored. Hee hee!


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