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Sunday, June 12, 2005

My feet are killing me

Oh gawd! I am such a spaz at today...wore my denim pointy shoes to Birm today...KNOWING that I'd have to do quite a bit of walking! Sarah was in a worse position...she was wearing heels. Haha...our *dear* friend's theory is that the more you walk in uncomfortable shoes, the tougher your feet get! Haha! Well...walking was not the only pain that our pairs of feet had to endure... The excruciating pain was exacerbated when we had to RUN for the bus!! OUCHHHHHHHHHH!

Lesson of the day:
Wear either trainers, flat boots or flip flops...esp in long periods of retail therapy
Quote of the day:
"i cant help it that i'm so attractive.."
(Sarah Tan)
Also...SOUL NATION this FRIDAY (perhaps the LAST SOUL NATION EVER!) So haul your asses to the union! Do NOT disappoint me people!


At 10:47 pm, Blogger Tyler said...

haha... yea.. so heres my story.... my freind had these pair of shoes that i quite fancied.... like, i really wanted them. he suggested that i go buy a pair, but i didnt have the money... so that wasn't an option for me... so he said "fine! you can borrow them".... well i was very greatful and the fact that they were 2 1/2 sizes too small for me didnt seem to get in the way of that... haha.. so i started wearing them everyday... and my feet got very sore... everyday... but eventually, after wearing them for a strait two months... they now fit me... haha... my toes are permanently curled, but my kicks are looking rad!


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