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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hilarious vs Humorous

Another day at work…just one and a half more weeks. I’m terribly unproductive…I am so NOT looking forward to the working world. Maybe in the REAL working world, I’ll be assigned more challenging tasks…I pray….Lardeedarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

To Lu Lu…I sent you a LONG email at work however it didn’t get through. The same happened with Sarah. Oh well…life goes on doesn’t it? Anyway, I miss you loads…and would email you from home…but as you know…I am in dire need of a new one…

“Recuperated” yesterday…i.e. did NOT go to work yesterday. Well…I sorta had a valid reason. I went for my annual “visit” to the dentist. Oh the pain…that I did NOT feel. She gave me 2 jabs… only for one cavity. But she professed that it was HUGE…so I guess having half my mouth devoid of any feeling is justified…

Lardeedarrrrr…Oh yeah…here’s a random thought…well…it was a random thought that has metamorphosed into a pre-occupation…I know…I suffer of a Compulsive Obsessive Disorder… Why is it people never say, “Oh it was humorous!”, instead people say, “That was hilarious”. I guess it’s weird using the term “humorous”. Don’t ya reckon that the term “humorous” is somewhat formal? But Humorous should be given a chance! Tsk Tsk! From now on, I’m going to use the term Humorous! So should everyone else!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

I want to meet Flame Boy!

It's been a different week from the others I must say. Work can be quite boring but luckily I have a supervisor who's just fab...ask her for ANY work and she won't just give you menial tasks...she'll give you work that presents you the chance to learn. Which is good...

Oh remember how the other day i was lamenting over the lawyer who had a breakdown. Throughout the week, I've heard that she has a bad temper and/or (depending on who you are) she's just very arrogant because she just doesn't acknowledge you once she's used them. On Thursday, someone said she wanted to see me. I was petrified...PETRIFIED! I've seen her scream at her secretary...and let's just say...It's not the best position to be in. But when I entered her office, she greeted me a very warm 'Hi'!!! And then she apologised and asked which aspect of law I'm interested in and then she suggested great people to work for in that department and told me to go see her anytime I had questions. Wow...and when I related this to some of students...their jaws dropped! I don't know...I usually get on people's bad sides...what is the world coming to?

Yes...what is the world coming to? London...*Sigh*...London... I can only imagine how traumatic these few weeks have been... The police who shot the man 5 times... he must be feeling rather perplexed. It was a difficult call... however...note...the man that was shot was only a suspect...there was no such confirmation. Whatever it must be awful...I'm sure people will be blogging about this so I'll just keep whatever I think to myself

Has anyone watched fantastic four? My friend got to meet Flame Boy! It's NO FAIR! HE'S SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS...AND...HE'S BLONDE TOO!!!!! I WANT TO MEET FLAME BOY!

Monday, July 18, 2005

First Day of Work

Hmm…woke up at half 2 in the morning…couldn’t sleep (well…maybe cause I slept from 4-8 in the afternoon before, and then form 10-2). I know…I’m so smart at times. Followed dad into PJ…and my oh my…I’ve forgotten how severe KL’s traffic can be. I asked my dad whether it was always this bad and he replied nonchalantly that this was good. Gulp…

Then…got dropped off at the Putra LRT Station and took the train down to Jamek. Haha…I know…but there’s NO way I’m going to show up at the office early…I’ll look like some over-eager intern who’s easily manipulated & that’s NOT the impression I want to give them.

Reached the HR dept at 8 something…but waited till 9-ish to be ‘shown around’. Fortunately…there was this corporate lawyer who was also new and we were chatting while waiting. She’s been to Warwick University as well and she was asking me about Msia Nite and Top Banana. Sadly, I conclude…Top B is synonymous with the Uni’s entertainment culture…*puke*

The attachment student who was supposed to ‘show me around’ only showed me to the ‘Chambering Pen’ (don’t ask) and she introduced me to people and then she went back to her work. Of course I was left there looking like an idiot…having NO inkling as to what I had to do... So I immediately offered help and this other attachment student said I could help. But when I started…this other legal associate (who really shouldn’t have used me) brought stacks of work! And she told me to keep myself free for her the whole day. The work that she unloaded on me was terribly banal and tedious. Though it made more sense when she explained what it was for (pertaining to Civil Procedure Rules). I noticed the other attachment students had translation work to do…TRANSLATION! How am I going to do any TRANSLATION WORK WHEN I’M THE ONE WHO NEEDS A BLOODY TRANSLATOR? Fortunately…I was only given admin tasks which I obediently did.

Then came 1…lunch time…and I went…since the senior staff did not keep any tabs on me. After lunch…I finished the work at 2:45pm and she said she would come talk to me in a bit. This meant I had nothing to read but Order 20 of the “High Court Practice” ‘till she came to see me’. The ‘come see me’ never happened. I kept looking up to see when she was coming…but instead…I saw her shouting at her secretary…and then she had a breakdown. And then I was like crap…Am I supposed to stay till she comes to see me? What if it’s after 5:15pm??!! She was in her own little world…and at 4:15pm…I try to talk to her…however she shoos me away. Then I worry till 4:30pm by incessantly texting different people. Then decide to see the HR Sec to clarify WHO is my supervisor. And it’s not her…it’s this other person who I’m supposed to see tomorrow morning. Around 5-ish…I return the book to her room. And after listening to the 5:15 bell…I am still apprehensive as to whether I should leave…and this chambering student told me to GO before they unload more work on me. So I take her advice seeing as to how nice she is…and leave with this other attachment student who also seems to be very free.

Gawd...I have to keep reminding myself...14 days left...JUST 14 days left

Monday, July 04, 2005

It's the 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July (American independence day)…I hope my personal tutor isn’t patriotic! You see…he’s American and he might not have bothered checking his mail today…which means he might not have read the URGENT email from me asking for my results…I WANT MY RESULTS!! Everyone I’ve SPOKEN to has received their RESULTS! Hmph…at least their departments are more technologically up to date…unfortunately the Law School lacks an online facility for one to monitor one’s academic results. On the 28th of June, I called the Warwick Law School and I queried as to whether the second year results were out yet and I was told no. Then a few friends (doing Law) informed me that they had called the Law School and obtained their results (this was on Friday). Today, I called and this was how the conversation went:

School of Law,” chirps a DECEIVING sweet voice.
Hi, ermm, I’m an INTERNATIONAL [note emphasis] student and I would like my second year results.”
Well, I cannot disclose such information in this way because if I did it for you, I’d have to do it for the other 550 students! But you can get them from your personal tutor,” she answers much to my chagrin.
But my friends called the Law School and they managed to obtain their results through the phone!” I protest.
I don’t know who that was but I am not giving them to you!If not I'll have 550 students calling me!” she firmly answers and I reconsider the urge to shout profanities down the phone.
Ermm, ok.”
But I’ll be sending them over the next COUPLE OF DAYS…” and I have just reached boiling point!
[There is some silence]
OK?” she queries in a tone which actually means ‘Right…we’re done…Now stop wasting my time!’

URGH! I could NOT believe that she hadn’t sent the results out yet! They were released on the 30th! She should have sent them out on Friday! ARGHHH!! I’ve emailed my personal tutor out of sheer desperation and uncertainty (ermm…it’s quite rude coz I have NOT bothered to speak to him in a year)! I know…it’s very impertinent of me but someone said that it’s their job. So yeah…

Man…so many obstacles…maybe my results are so awful that something is saying…enjoy this period of uncertainty first. Arghh….wish me luck…on BOTH getting my results and the RESULTS as well…*Sigh*

Lesson of the Day (it’s emm…not a lesson…more like ADVICE):
Do NOT pursue a pure Law degree at Warwick (the case is different with joint law degrees).