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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hilarious vs Humorous

Another day at work…just one and a half more weeks. I’m terribly unproductive…I am so NOT looking forward to the working world. Maybe in the REAL working world, I’ll be assigned more challenging tasks…I pray….Lardeedarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

To Lu Lu…I sent you a LONG email at work however it didn’t get through. The same happened with Sarah. Oh well…life goes on doesn’t it? Anyway, I miss you loads…and would email you from home…but as you know…I am in dire need of a new one…

“Recuperated” yesterday…i.e. did NOT go to work yesterday. Well…I sorta had a valid reason. I went for my annual “visit” to the dentist. Oh the pain…that I did NOT feel. She gave me 2 jabs… only for one cavity. But she professed that it was HUGE…so I guess having half my mouth devoid of any feeling is justified…

Lardeedarrrrr…Oh yeah…here’s a random thought…well…it was a random thought that has metamorphosed into a pre-occupation…I know…I suffer of a Compulsive Obsessive Disorder… Why is it people never say, “Oh it was humorous!”, instead people say, “That was hilarious”. I guess it’s weird using the term “humorous”. Don’t ya reckon that the term “humorous” is somewhat formal? But Humorous should be given a chance! Tsk Tsk! From now on, I’m going to use the term Humorous! So should everyone else!


At 5:33 am, Blogger Jin said...

allo sonia. ben ng here.
anyway found your link thru the tagboard on hsiangs blog. mind if i link you to my blog? =D

At 4:53 pm, Anonymous aggie said...

Son!! When we meeting up?? Call me when you're done working..or call divya and ask her to call me!


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