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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I want to meet Flame Boy!

It's been a different week from the others I must say. Work can be quite boring but luckily I have a supervisor who's just fab...ask her for ANY work and she won't just give you menial tasks...she'll give you work that presents you the chance to learn. Which is good...

Oh remember how the other day i was lamenting over the lawyer who had a breakdown. Throughout the week, I've heard that she has a bad temper and/or (depending on who you are) she's just very arrogant because she just doesn't acknowledge you once she's used them. On Thursday, someone said she wanted to see me. I was petrified...PETRIFIED! I've seen her scream at her secretary...and let's just say...It's not the best position to be in. But when I entered her office, she greeted me a very warm 'Hi'!!! And then she apologised and asked which aspect of law I'm interested in and then she suggested great people to work for in that department and told me to go see her anytime I had questions. Wow...and when I related this to some of students...their jaws dropped! I don't know...I usually get on people's bad sides...what is the world coming to?

Yes...what is the world coming to? London...*Sigh*...London... I can only imagine how traumatic these few weeks have been... The police who shot the man 5 times... he must be feeling rather perplexed. It was a difficult call... however...note...the man that was shot was only a suspect...there was no such confirmation. Whatever it must be awful...I'm sure people will be blogging about this so I'll just keep whatever I think to myself

Has anyone watched fantastic four? My friend got to meet Flame Boy! It's NO FAIR! HE'S SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS...AND...HE'S BLONDE TOO!!!!! I WANT TO MEET FLAME BOY!


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