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Monday, July 04, 2005

It's the 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July (American independence day)…I hope my personal tutor isn’t patriotic! You see…he’s American and he might not have bothered checking his mail today…which means he might not have read the URGENT email from me asking for my results…I WANT MY RESULTS!! Everyone I’ve SPOKEN to has received their RESULTS! Hmph…at least their departments are more technologically up to date…unfortunately the Law School lacks an online facility for one to monitor one’s academic results. On the 28th of June, I called the Warwick Law School and I queried as to whether the second year results were out yet and I was told no. Then a few friends (doing Law) informed me that they had called the Law School and obtained their results (this was on Friday). Today, I called and this was how the conversation went:

School of Law,” chirps a DECEIVING sweet voice.
Hi, ermm, I’m an INTERNATIONAL [note emphasis] student and I would like my second year results.”
Well, I cannot disclose such information in this way because if I did it for you, I’d have to do it for the other 550 students! But you can get them from your personal tutor,” she answers much to my chagrin.
But my friends called the Law School and they managed to obtain their results through the phone!” I protest.
I don’t know who that was but I am not giving them to you!If not I'll have 550 students calling me!” she firmly answers and I reconsider the urge to shout profanities down the phone.
Ermm, ok.”
But I’ll be sending them over the next COUPLE OF DAYS…” and I have just reached boiling point!
[There is some silence]
OK?” she queries in a tone which actually means ‘Right…we’re done…Now stop wasting my time!’

URGH! I could NOT believe that she hadn’t sent the results out yet! They were released on the 30th! She should have sent them out on Friday! ARGHHH!! I’ve emailed my personal tutor out of sheer desperation and uncertainty (ermm…it’s quite rude coz I have NOT bothered to speak to him in a year)! I know…it’s very impertinent of me but someone said that it’s their job. So yeah…

Man…so many obstacles…maybe my results are so awful that something is saying…enjoy this period of uncertainty first. Arghh….wish me luck…on BOTH getting my results and the RESULTS as well…*Sigh*

Lesson of the Day (it’s emm…not a lesson…more like ADVICE):
Do NOT pursue a pure Law degree at Warwick (the case is different with joint law degrees).


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