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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Beauty vs Brains

“The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.”

'Nuff said!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fixed (in a way)

Back to blogging! Laptop has finally been fixed...but I've lost ALL my pix and music...*Sniff* I should have heeded some people's advice..."BACK THEM UP"! I have only myself to blame... BUT...the wireless function on my laptop FINALLY FUNCTIONS! to the world!

Nothing much has happened's been a month since I finished work...Oh yes...let's talk about work. Remember how I used to bitch that it was just so amazingly...BORING? fate changed when I picked up the phone on Wednesday afternoon (of my last week).

Caller: Hello. Who is this?
Me: Sonia.
Caller: Huh? Are you a chambering student?
Me: No, an attachment student.
Caller: What? Only an attachment student? Man...I need some help with legal research but I don't know how you'll fare.

By this point I am so preoccupied analysing how abrasive this man is and how condescending tone is that I do not hear him.
Caller:(mutters something)
Me: What? Sorry?
Caller: Can you handle it?
Me: Yeah.
Caller: OK, come down to my office now.
Me: Ermm...who are you and which department?

So when he's finished explaining (very incoherently) what he wants me to research, I ask, what branch of law this problem should be categorised under, he pauses for a while and replies,"Don't bother yourself with that!". Man...was I furious! I mean I agree to help him even with his 'malicious' tone' that he used...The least he could do is like tell me...I am here to learn and it would make my job of researching easier! And the next day, as I report my findings, he sees that I am getting nowhere, he then DECIDES TO TELL ME and e-mails me a few case citations. When I bring down the case to discuss, he tells me that that his case was decided in the House of Lords. I firmly and coldly tell him that that was the citation he had given me. Yet he kept harping on the fact tht the case was decided in another court...What a spaz!

Then there was this other lawyer who asked me to "embellish" some things. Oh well... but there were some nice lawyers in the firm as well. I told a partner that I could not understand Malay...and he was like saying...oh don't let that be a hindrance. It's not that difficult to pick of the nicer lawyers. So's not all that bad.

Life goes least my laptop's fixed...