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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Start of procrastinating period

The annual period of procrastination starts now...bitchier and whinier! Well...what can you expect from the combination of too many essays, too many exams but too little time? Being a finalist sucks...but after the 27th of May...things may change!!!

Alas, spring has arrived! Everything's soooo amazing...EXCEPT FOR THAT PAIR OF DUCKS THAT ALWAYS ROAM ABOUT MY DOOR DOWNSTAIRS! Yes, today I've had to take the back door twice, as everytime I conveniently return home, what do I see? The pair of them roaming about! Urghh! It doesn't help that the girl on the first floor keeps throwing breadcrumbs at them...We need bird-free zones! Urghhh!

Ooh...ooh...went to Dublin. That was exciting! I absolutely love the Irish! They're effusively amiable I must say. As for the place, it was amazing...certain parts of Dublin reminded me of New York. St. Stephen's Green is however, better than Central Park, in my opinion! Hmm...other interesting places? Definitely the Kilmanhaim (spelling?) Jail- a good chance to learn about Irish History. Yes...went to Guiness Factory. However, Guiness is not my favourite drink...and after half a pint...I started to feel...shall we say...light headed? So NOT cool!


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